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Filament won't load.....
I can't get my filament to load. Just switching out filament after a successful print but it won't feed. I can feel the filament going in past the holder and bottoming out, but still won't feed. I have rammed it in and out gently to make sure it is not getting caught on something and it feels like it is going in as far as it is intended to go. The end that comes back out still has tool marks from being cut so looks like it is not getting to the heat.

Any advise before I contact support would be greatly appreciated!
A little more information. I cleaned the head with the wire provided. It goes all the way in with a hot head. I can see the filament feeding past the friction roller, but then it stops. When I pull the filament out, there is a divot where the roller engaged, but the filament is stopped.
Just a thought. Once the feed in has stopped, are you pressing the left hand arrow button to repeat the loading cycle. I find I have to do this on most filament changes to get the new filament extruding from the head.
Yes, I have noticed the same thing and I am doing that. I'm in contact with XYZ support so will see if they can help.

After reading posts and reading between the lines for my situation, I figured out how to remove the head and found the blockage. Learning more and more every day!

For those of you new to the DaVinci, the head can be removed by pressing the spring loaded mount (black plastic) at the top of the head. It is tricky to remove as clearances are tight. Just take it slow and easy to work it out. I had to clip a zip tie holding the cable assembly to get the cable slack needed to remove the head. I found a piece of filament sticking out of the top of the inlet to the head blocking any attempt to insert the filament.

Thanks all!


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