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Compiling and loading firmware from source
I have obtained a Da Vinci 1.0 and have successfully managed to load the .bin firmware file from BGM's github, using bossac.

The printer works great, no issues so far - however we are looking into making customisations to the firmware. As I have a background in c++, I am comfortable editing the code. However - I just can not figure out how to load it onto the printer. I am also using a mac, which I am not very familiar with... Windows person... Wink

We have downloaded the latest version of the code here:

We have also replaced our variants.cpp file as per what is supplied at dav10
It compiles perfectly and doesn't show any errors loading. I figure it's a configuration issue, however every time we load it, the LED screen shows those two black block strips as if it were just flashed using J1 jumper.

IDE is Arduino 1.5.7

Is anyone able to shed some light on the situation? Any pointers as to where I may be going wrong?

I think others have had issues doing the arduino upload on a mac also. I do know there have been mac issues, I don't remember what exactly they were though. Were there specifics you were planning on changing?
At this stage, only the printer name that comes up when you power it on. However there have been discussions, at this point as to how the printer works once a print has been finished. As it is at the moment, the extruder moves to the back-center of the printer, and catches on a clip when we tell it to home-all, causing a grinding noise. I have not investigated much however depending on the cause of that, I may need to modify the functionality of that. There will be more to come so I thought I would get to work figuring out how to compile/upload to the printer now before I'm thrown modifications.


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