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The guys at XYZ told me to put my STL files through a repair service on the web:

It seems to work, but what a pain! I'm using Sketch-Up to create my STL files. Any idea why they need to be repaired or how to avoid this step?

I searched and don't find any reference to this in this forum so I hope I'm not asking a question that is answered elsewhere.....

There could be so many reasons for needing repair it it hard to even begin. degenerative tris, overlapping facets, wrongly facing surfaces. Even designing in solidworks, one chamfered surface can make a model un slicable before the "repair". Just be glad the service exists and consider it can sometimes make a object that takes 20 minutes to slice slice in like 30 sec.
If you really don't want to use the service then use Kiss slicer or cura, and import the gcode(also a pain). But they will slice models netfab won't even repair.
try downloading 3d print utility from autodesk

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