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Which version of Repetier should I use?
Title says it all. I'm pretty close to actually attempting this hack, but I was talking with a guy about it and he said I need a special version of the repetier software in order for it to work with the hacked Da Vinci. Could someone give me a link to the particular version of Repetier that I need so I can tell right away if the hack worked or not?

Also, as a side note, could someone confirm for me that hacked da vincis do usually work with octoprint on raspberry pI? Cause I'm probably ordering a Raspberry pi pretty soon.

Thanks ;D
version .95f works fine. I'm using it. You'll have to bump around the forum to see if Pi works or not.
As I am here I'll reply here and not on my youtube.

There "should" be no issues with octopi as it is just a gcode gateway from what I understand.

Just download the latest repetier.
I purchase another used da vinci at a great price and converted that to use the repetier firmware. I am using the repetier host v1.00 rc2 and I like the look of this version compared to the others. Also with this printer running repetier, I am not having the same print issues I had with my original one. I will be converting the other one to repetier once I finish upgrading it as I do like the newer repetier host.

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