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Best Filament to use?
Hello all! So I just got my Da Vinci today and love it! Im brand new to 3D printing and im learning fast, but no master. Im looking at purchasing a filament reset tool so Ill be able to use my own filament. Do you have any recommendation on a good filament? I want to keep the temperatures as close to stock as possible even and use the XYZ slicer and software just since its easy for me right now, though the reset tool does allow me to change the temperature if need be. . Im looking at only ABS. Im in the US so sadly I can purchase Voltivo filament. I also read in one of the earlier firmwares it was giving people problems after reset the filament cartridges and they had to revert back to the G firmware. I have the latest firmware J on mine does the firmware reseter work? Could XYZ block this hack in the future where im just better off using the cartridges? Thanks for any help!
I've just gone this route of hacking and using the Voltivo filament. You will need to down grade to firmware G for the cartridge hack to work, but work it does. My first print from the ExcelFil (check out my post) is great and that was using standard settings with XYZ slicer and standard temps, no messing with G code files. Couldn't be simpler. I understand this filament will be available in the US soon too.

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