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Da Vinci 2.0

The new Da Vinci 2.0 is out on amazon :

I hope we can mod ours for the second extruder
It says nothing of the supposed scanner that it was purportedly to come with.
It will be in another version
That's a different model not the 2.0. I think it's called AiO
While I like my printer, for $100 more than 2.0, you can get a RoBo 3d for ABS/PLA. Might not be dual, bu 10x9x10 is nice
I ordered one yesterday, super excited, will see how it compares to my 1.0.
Anyone have an idea when the 2.0 is going to be released? I only want dual heads for dissolvable filament. I am afraid they might have placed safe guards to make it more difficult to tweak. I am sort of reluctant to wait since I have a need for a printer sooner more than later. I am already behind schedule after waiting on a 3d printer kick starter that still has not come to be, but luckily is giving refunds.
On another forum, I saw that some people were able achetté the Da Vinci 2.0 and they have already received.
Normally it should be available late Aour / Early September
I have a Da Vinci 2.0 and I wanted to post some of my initial findings so other people don't make the same mistakes I did.

Here are some questions I think people want to know the answers to:

Q: Does the Repetier Firmware work on the Da Vinci 2.0?
A: Mostly. But the current version of the Firmware doesn't support the second extruder. I will update this post when this changes.

Q: Can you still run your own gcode with the Stock Firmware?
A: Yes. However there is a problem with the temperature settings when it switches tool heads (from one extruder to another.) It defaults the temperature settings to what is stored on the fillament Cartridge EEProm chips. You can of course change those settings.

Q: Can you use older versions of the XYZware software?
A: No. None of the older versions of XYZWare will communicate with the Da Vinci 2.0. That means the easy way of flashing the firmware is not an option.

Q: Can you go back to the Stock Firmware after flashing to the RH firmware?
A: Not yet. The process would be the same but we don't have a copy of the stock firmware for the 2.0 yet. If someone can find it please let me know. I would like a copy of it.
I wanted to add a few updates to this topic. LUC has released a Beta version of the Repetier firmware V.91 for the Da Vinci 1, 2SF and 2DF. You can find the links to his repository in the firmware development threads.

I also wanted to say the PVA aka water dissolvable filaments don't seem to work in the Da Vinci printers. They keep jamming up on me. In fact I can only reliably print using ABS. Everything else eventually jams up do to heat creep up the filament tube. So for those that want to get the Da Vinci 2 and use it for other support materials will most likely be disappointed.

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