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Thats Anoying!
Finally finished off me roll of white filament tonight (or so I thought), I had the counter down to 2m left with a print of 1.6m estimate. Once the print was finished the counter then read 0m. I assume at this point the printer would not let me print anything else with that cartridge ?

So I decide to do what I have been waiting for and pull the cartridge apart, but first I pulled out what I was expecting to be the last 1/2m of filament. Wrong, out came nigh on 5m of filament!!!

Is this normal with these cartridges ?

Now I'm just waiting on the Arduino to have a bash at reprogramming the chip B)
What you describe is perfectly normal. Think about how mad you would be if it said you had 5 meters to go yet the spool only had 3 meters left....

....And then you start a 4.5 meter print. Lol Smile


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