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Another piece of 'ware for us to try.
Anybody tried MatterControl yet?

Matter Control
I've tried it on a RepRap printer that I have, but not with the DaVinci. Since I usually used RH, I couldn't get passed the totally different UI in it. Seems to have some great features though.
Yes, I tried it. There is a learning curve, of course. The slicer is fast. I could be wrong but it seemed there was a trade in tool path efficiency for that slicing speed. There didn't seem to be, at least in the version I tried, any way to really monitor the print the way you can do with repetier. It seemed targeted towards simple interface new users, much like xyz ware.

Tried it this weekend. Works fine, but the user interface is goofy Sick
I was able to use it to make some nice house and mailbox numbers, tho. Really easy to make text with!
Saved them as gcode and then sized them in Repetier.

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