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Simplify3D anyone?
Wondering if anyone here has used it. The only reason I want to use it is because RH uses way too much material for support and I had to throw away a print because I could get it all off.

It looks nice with a LOT of controls. It says it covers the Da Vinci, but its not in the selection. Their "support" blows and the forum is 3rd party, not theirs.
It looks like Simplify3D has been used....

Simplify post
I use it, but to be honest I swap between Simplify3D and Slic3r depending on the object I am trying to print. For some things I think slic3r does a better job such as speed control on bridging, overhangs, etc.

The great benefit for Simplify3D for me is the ability to start a print at a certain height and placing supports where I want them to be. The website is incorrect as it does not support the XYZ Davinci. The reason why they are claiming it does is because they export gcode, which even does not work on stock firmware without changing all the G0 -> G1. The gcode does work with repetier without replacing those values because the repetier firmware automatically changes the G0 -> G1.

The software does not control the davinci whether you are running stock or repetier firmware. It can connect to it using either, but will not control it correctly. Here are some examples. If you are using stock/repetier firmware, you can send commands to move the xyz axis, turn on/off the extruder and bed, but after 1 command the connection is dropped with the error "+1 Line not end" and you have to turn the printer off/on as it won't respond to commands after that even when quit the application.

It will not print using either firmware as it does not receive the M105 commands in the format it wants to be able read/display the temperatures, thus the software hangs on heating the extruder and bed.

The only real way to use it currently is to use the export to sd to generate the gcode and then use RH or XYZware(stock firmware, then replace all G0-G1 or use the latest mod) to send it to the printer.
Would swapping Beginning and ending lines of g-code from RH (what I'm using) help? I'll have to wait for my weekend to start playing with codes. My issue is supports in RH is bad. Its either all or none. I tried to print a figure and I couldn't see the print past all the support. I'm probably configuring it wrong, but it looked like Simplify was doing a better job with it than slic3r..
I purchased S3D yesterday, after contacting them and asking does this correctly support the Da Vinci
printer using stock firmware 1.1.J and a mac osx 10.9.3

Their answer was:
"To answer your question, yes, the software is compatible with the Da Vinci and we already have a fairly large group of users running our software with that machine. Most of them use the Simplify3D Software to create the gcode files for printing, and then send those files to the machine using the original XYZware. This allows you to have all of the benefits that our versatile software while still being compatible with your stock 1.1.J firmware."

I then emailed back saying I was concerned that being a total newbie to 3D printing and things like G-codes, I had read this post on their forum, and
did not want the print head hitting the bed.
Link to S3D Forum

Their answer was:
"I have included a sample profile that you can use for the Da Vinci (see attached). You can load this profile by clicking "Edit Process Settings" and then choosing the Import button in the top right.

After you have done this, import your STL files, click Prepare to Print, and then choose "Export toolpaths to disk". At that point the software will export a .gcode file. You can either copy that file to the SD card of your Da Vinci or load it into the XYZware software and stream it to the printer. Either method works."

So after this reply I decided to purchase the software

After the install, first surprise was the Da Vinci was not listed under printers, so I used "others"
Tried to communicate with the printer using all baud rates, 250000 on the mac gave a warning
about unsupported rate, but never acheived communication.

Decided then to load the profile they sent me, and generated the G-code for a small stl file,
exported this to tool-paths, and then import to XYZWare version 1.0.7

This resulted in a printer mismatch error from XYZWare :-)
(The only reason I was on 1.0.7 was I could not upgrade my firmware with 1.0.6 and XYZprinting
sent me this hot fix)

Downgraded to OSX XYZWare 1.0.6 and tried again, this time it accepted the G-code and I pressed
print, but after the inital startup the print head started banging into the print bed (Just like the post from
their own forum)

I am totally new to all this, and I have no idea how to edit the G-code to alter the print bed height by 3.25mm lower
as the other guy did on the S3D forum.

Is it possible somebody here could help me get this working, with whatever I need to change, I do not understand
how to edit all the G0 to G1s

Any help greatly appreciated, their support team send me to the link above, which I had already sent them before
I purchased this software. :-(

I do also have a Windows 7 running on VMWare on the mac if this would make things easier

Edit: Attached the profile I was sent

Quote:Would swapping Beginning and ending lines of g-code from RH (what I'm using) help? I'll have to wait for my weekend to start playing with codes. My issue is supports in RH is bad. Its either all or none. I tried to print a figure and I couldn't see the print past all the support. I'm probably configuring it wrong, but it looked like Simplify was doing a better job with it than slic3r..

Simplify3D does do a great job with support and placement, this is one of the main reasons I purchased it. Since you are using RH, you will mainly just use it as a slic3r, to rotate/size models, support placement. Until they either add true support to the printer we will be unable to connect to it correctly. The only other method would be to modify the RH firmware to send the correct status's back to the software along with correct communication protocols.


If the print head is banging into the bed you will need to lower the bed accordingly in gcode. If you select the "scripts" tab then select startup-code

G1 Z??

Replace the ?? with whatever height you need to lower your bed. This is dependent on your z-offset. For me I use G1 Z1.5, others will have theirs differently, so you will need to figure out your offset.

With the G0->G1 just load it up in the text editor and select replace and type in G0 and G1.

Or you can just use the mod v2 (latest) of XYZWare and it will do this automatically for you.
I swapped out the header and footer from SLIC3R to the g-code of Slimplify3d and it printed with no hang ups. It was and S plug calibration, so I haven't seen it in action on supports. Just wanted to make sure it didn't hit the bed or anything. Oh yea, tere were only a couple of G0 codes, so I changed them to G1 just to be safe.

The one issue I did notice doing it this way is that it ignores the nozzle and bed heating commands (which is weird since I copied the header all the way down just before the starting print coordinates) and go off the Manual commands in RH. Other than that, no probs yet.

I forgot to mention in the first post that I am using RH, not XYZ. My advice is to use the XYZ Ware hack and trade out the header and foots of the gcode, then print with that.

After using the .fff file that Simplify3d sent me, and modifying their g-code header and foot to use with Repetier, I came out with a supported print of a base holder for a portable hard drive:


[size=CMS2CMS_MEDIUM]This is using a popular 3rd party cheap red ABS filament. Yea, it doesn't look red to me either (I wish I could get a hold of some ExecilFil here in US) . Between this and my prints using RH with XYZ filament i have seen a couple differences.
1) layers are not as smooth as RH, Not sure if I can fix that or how, yet. It MIGHT be the filament. I will print the same one using XYZ's and see.
2) Second pic shows some small burning. Again, not sue if its filament related.

OVERALL, I am happy with the supports compared to Slic3r. the supports came right off, as advertised by others. I'd recommend it for use with support needed prints, but for $140 its steep. Unless you can get a hold of a trial software Wink Wink [/size]

Many thanks guys, I am at least up and running :-)

I decided I would like to see if I could get things going just with the mac
for now, and then use windows if I needed to.

Run a bed calibration before I started, with some help from a useful little
android app found by mistake on Amazon, called DaVinci Calibrator

Quite quickly managed to get the bed reading a Z offset of 250 which I believe
is ideal, so decided to save that.

Using the S3D supplied fff profile, I thought I would first try a Z offset of 1.5mm and I also changed
the bed temp to 90 and extruder to 215, as I am using the XYZ filament, Not sure if this
is correct thing to do, because I notice some profiles have a 100 for bed temp, and 2 settings
for the extruder temp. Any advise please :-)

Produced the g-code for a small print and changed all G0 codes to G1, then tried to import
into XYZWare, this resulted in an error that said "Printer Mismatch"

I then edited the g-code and added the header
; filename = composition.3w
; machine = daVinciF10
; material = abs
; layer_height = 0.2
; total_layers = 173
; total_filament = 0.00
; extruder = 1

I have no idea of what part of this header was required, but this time XYZWare accepted the code
without an error when I pressed print.

Not sure if this was just luck, but it printed a really nice little spanner, with the outer test rings all
adhering to the bed correctly :-)

The only thing that it did not show on the LCD display, was the run time and percentage of the
build, it just showed the bed and extruder temps until the end. I am sure I read about this somewhere
but for now it worked :-)

I have had a huge learning curve in the last few days, having never touched a 3D printer before
last weekend.

Thanks again


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