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Firmware Reload

Been playing around with the printer and located 99% of the pins on the board so that we can use some of the unlisted pins in the future.

Messed around with the board as an Arduino and now have reloaded 3DP01_20140310_FW_V1.1.G_RELEASE firmware. Seen by XYZWare desktop software but my Printer display is corrupted. However works fine while it pretends to be a DUE X.

Any Ideas?

Do a full erase (jp1 or connect/disconnect at 1200 baud) then upload the oem firmware. If the problem continues I would download another copy of the oem firmware. FWIW, I swapped dozens of times during development and never had that issue.

Thanks for that Kieth, I have already tried multiple versions of the firmware downloaded from this website 1.1.J , 1.1.I and 1.1.G with no joy. Loaded Repetier and the screen was fine so just going to leave it for now.

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