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Firmware vid request
I would like to see a vid where some one is showing how to mod the firmware with out camera shake or the person saying uhhhh or other nonsense. I realize it isnt that hard to do the firmware replacement, yet the vids I have seen are out of focus and the person narrating doesnt have their narration clearly composed.

So how about it?
-Clear and concise
-camera on a tripod
-what you did to get the motherboard to accept commands
-cables required (dont leave out any steps).
-where you went for the software.
-plan it before you record it.
-record vid, could subtitle it instead of talking

one last request.... Dont use acid rock for background music, glad if you like it, yet there is other music that is easier on these tired ears.

Thankyou, I will be looking forward for the better vid.
Well, we will be happy to watch it with you once you release your new video. Smile LOL!

Uh no, I am looking for a the vid to learn myself.

Was trying to give helpful criticism of what needed to happen, As I want to learn how to do it before I get it. Sure, once I get it (after I rough out the basement with 2 grand in lumber) I can see making a more concise vid. Maybe I just watched the wrong one. Tell me where I can go that will tell me in either one forum post or vid of what to do please.
Coming to a forum knowing nothing, criticizing someone's work, politely demanding a better video so you can understand something from A to Z...... Not a good way to get any help.

Read read read, watch the shaky vid, read read read.....THEN ask questions to a specific problem... thing I know, you're going to want a video on RH and Slic3r, how to print, how to load a file, calibration,....... :whistle: :whistle:
Please, lets becareful not to let this deteriorate.

Honestly, I take it as constructive criticism. It's a nice wish list, unfortunately one that many simply can't fill. IMO any video is better than no video. That's why my polite suggestion/hint to make a video featuring the things one would like to see.

Personally, I think there is enough written documentation on the firmware installation and reverting that a video isn't really needed.

So where should I begin, with your recomendation. As I would like to start with step one instead of step 5 and adding to the confusion.
Step one of course is to get the printer. Smile

I would suggest you play with the oem setup using oem filament first. That way you can get a feel for issues like stocking prints to the bed, etc.

Once you have mastered that, take a look at the custom firmware development that, as it tells you how to install the custom firmware. If you are going to use xyz filament, and only need slicer changes, you could just use the custom ini method and that way you don't risk your warranty. I point this out because more and more xyz is asking for parts back prior to sending replacements. The custom firmware should be expected to void your warranty.

I will take this into consideration after I get my new printer.

First project. Get through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Second Project Find out what is left of my life after the filing (when you file you have to forfeit, we have land, yet lawyer wants to go after the antique tractor instead).

Third Project Figure out where I can set up the printer in our home. (some what done)

Fourth project Pay for the silly printer.

Fifth project, Rectify the unfriendly firmware

Sixth project, Make everyone happier here with a better vid. (browny points?)

Seventh and ultimate goal.....................

I honestly thought about doing a video on how I installed RH. The problem was I soft bricked mine about 5 times before Keith and another member got me over the hump. Now it runs decent enough to leave it well nuff alone. Until I get my FF creator, I'm not reflashing this succa again. :evil:
Yeah, sorry, but I'm still waiting for my printer to even arrive (any day now! ;D Big Grin) so I won't be able to help at all for at least a while. But if someone could point me in the direction of the best documentation that DOES exist, I'd appreciate it Wink

Also, +1 browny points for anyone who makes a video to help us noobs Wink
I will try and be as clear and concise as I can here,

** **** ********

Ok I feel better.

I do plan on tyring to get another video done that is much more "complete" but either one is fully usable.

And just for reference as explained it was my first wack at doing those things, no script, no double takes, just doing it as it was as it was. And yes shakey on one, thats what having an 11yo hold a heavy dslr will get ya. So no excuses just facts. I'm not an actor or writer obviously, but I can assure you I took what you said with a no small amount of offence, and will in no way shape or form go out of my way to assist you in the future sir.
Good day
I said good day

Ps your "brownie points" are meaningless
Quote:I will try and be as clear and concise as I can here,

** **** ********

Ok I feel better.

I would like to buy a vowel. U LOL
Quote:Ps your "brownie points" are meaningless

[size=CMS2CMS_MEDIUM]That was FUNNY.[/size]. :woohoo:

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