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Replacing the motherboard
I asked this question over to the Solidoodle page and yet a response was given I dont feel it answered my question.

Why can I replace the Motherboard with a different board altogether (IE a Solidoodle PrintRBoard).

Why would I want to do this?
To me to get away from the need to mod the software. Seems to me it would be easier to just replace the board than to mess with changing the firmware.

The components dont care where the info comes to control them as long as everything is set up correctly. I have seen on youtube that the board supports the LCD display. So it isnt like I would be doing away with any of the existing features.

Mwuhahahahahhahahha!!!!!! (sounding like a fiend on Bugs Bunny)
The PrintRBoard supports a better power supply. A better power supply would decrease some of the wait time experienced by current users. I have watched some you tube vids and there seems to be some consternation that the power supply is not large enough for the need of the printer.

Help me understand so I dont screw up later? LOL
You can replace the motherboard. But you also have to rewire all the wiring/connectors and figure out the mounting the new board and new power supply. That is too much trouble to find the right parts and to make it all work right. Especially Da Vinci already can use repetier firmware now. Don't waste time try to replace the motherboard is my opinion unless you want something the current motherboard just can't do. Otherwise you just need to improve the repetier firmware settings.
For me I own the Rostockmax and Da Vinci. I don't think there have any power issue with the Da Vinci. I can see the LED lights are flicking when Hotend turns on but it hold up temperature okay. I don't think that is the issue you have to worry about. For the Heated bed heat up slowly issue, I think you have to change the heated bed and power supply all together to increase heating speed. You can do it but I don't think it is necessary too. Again finding a right parts to fit in the current space will take a lot research and it may not work as you expedited. By the time you have all the parts and all the cost might can get you a better printer already.
To add on to Chenglung's reply, learning how to flash to RH is actually par for the course of 3d printing. I also owned a Rostock and as with their board comparable towhat you want to do, you will still need to learn how to flash a board, Run Arduino, upload and/or modify .h and .cpp files, learn the axis functions, know how to calibrate,...... You get what we're saying. The advantage of XYZ to Rostock is that its already built. You just have to learn a little Arduino, CMD functions, and RH. No 35hrs of assemble. Oh yea, constant tweaking is also par for 3d printers.

I'm running RH now and its pretty decent for the price you pay: YES the cup is designed that way :woohoo:

I figure I will wait till next year anyways. The version 2.0 is supposed to come with a built in scanner.

The question in my brain is.....
If you scan a cracked part. Wont it reproduce the crack? Do you suppose they will have a edit to their future software that will let you "delete" the crack?
On the motherboard, we already have one of the fastest atmel processors being used for 3d printing. I don't think you will be able to find anything to replace it with that will outperform RH, but do keep us posted. I know several of us looked at replacing the board and after RH was successfully modded we all came to the same conclusion - it would be a waste of time and a downgrade to do so. On the power supply, it can certainly be upgraded, but that wont really effect the warm up time as much as you might think; the warm up time is due to the heat bed design.

I have not seen even ONE consumer scanner that could scan an object and produce a copy good enough to use as is. By the time the copy is cleaned up, you could have darn near re-drawn the entire object. We all dream of he day we put a TV in the scanner and out comes a TV, but there is a long way to go. In short, don't hold your breath on the scanner.

As always, I'm interested in hearing other peoples experience so keep us posted on what you do.


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