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instead of glue?
Pardon me for my newbness. I am only in the dream phase of owning one of these.

Yet I seem to remember at one time that people were recommending to use hairspray to cover the bed.
Did I miss an update about this?
Or have people forgotten about using it?

Maybe next year after we get the car paid for and are no longer getting fuel oil.
Hairspray will work - but it is very messy. I dont think the hairspray is forgotten, but in a closed printer like the da vinci the build up would be crazy over time...The glue cleans up easily with a wet dish cloth. Some are using "abs juice" instead.

I find that the glue actually does not have to be cleaned and redone very often at all. And on large flat parts almost holds too well.
I just started to use PEI on my print bed. Seems to be working great so far. Here is the thread I have used to learn about it.

Link to PEI thread

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