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12V Power Failure ( 0030 Error , Light & motor not working )
can you try reposting the picture?

(You may need to make the pic smaller. )

This is the picture
It won't submit, how small does it need to be, it is 621 KB[Image: MainBOard.png]
Anyone have any ideas? this is a picture of the board and the light not lit up is circled. The heater and the LCD will not turn on.[Image: MainBOard-2.png]
did you test all resistor fuse? the R000 ones
What is the best way to test the fuses? And is their anything I should look for?
read this thread from the beginning all is there
Hi I'm having the same problem as above except I now only have on led on which is d1 but I've had my board looked at and the guy said that the reistors by the less are still resisting so don't seem to be failing but r57 and r56 army showing any resistance could you possibly tell me wether they are ment to be like this or if the y have gone if so could you tell me what there meant to be resisting
Thank you

Could some one possibly test r47 r57 r56 and r271 on the da Vinci 1.0.1 mother board to see what resistance they show thanks
Does anyone have any idea what it would be on the newer boards on the 1.0a, none of my resistor have the 000 on them. From the pictures it looks like it is a visible thing when the resistor burns out, so I should be able to see it correct?
It's not always visible. The numbers on the resistors are marks telling you what the value should be. 1r0 =1 ohm. 000= 0 ohms. You can Google the marks easily, although they are easily deciphered once you understand them.

I couldn't make out your pixie which is why i could agreed the issue /values.

Is their any specific area that I should be looking? Would it be close to the Led or somewhere else? Also, I'm having trouble finding a way of getting a consistent reading when testing, should I test near the sides or on the top of the resistors
Thanks[Image: 1425062910359-931982074.jpg]
I tested all of the 000 resistors and they were all around .3ohm, but one was 1.3 ohms, is this within the acceptable range or is this the bad one?
1.3 is very questionable.

You should read exactly the same as when you touch your meter leads together.

You should be looking to the left of the leds near the power input to the board.

Ok, the 1.3 is all the way near the power switch, the 000's near the LEDs are all on, so it's probably one of the other resistors right?
Thanks for being patient
I tested the questionable resistor again and i just didn't wait long enough for the reading to settle. I tested all of the resistors and R22 was the only one that stood out to me. It has 103 printed on it, so it should be 10,000 ohms. The reading I get is only 6800 ohms? That seemed pretty far off to me, but since it was less resistance I wasn't sure if this could be my problem. What do you think?
Just jumping in, but if there are no signs of burned parts; have you checked to see if there IS 12V coming from the power supply?
I fix things like this for a living, and every time I don't check the power supply, which is the first rule of electronic troubleshooting, I get bit.
Just a thought.
I am getting 11.8 volts coming in, would this be enough to make a problem? I am open to suggestions, Thanks Smile
Start at the power supply connector and work your way through each Resistor that is in series. There will be a resistor near the led it should have 12 Volts on one side and significantly less on the other. the led will have a couple volts on one side and 0 on the other. It's possible the led simply failed.

Regarding the 10k resistor, no need to check those, you can't measure that high of a resistance in circuit. You are basically looking for what amounts to an open circuit.

Are you in the US? If so, i can arrange to check the board for you and do any repairs needed. If it is an mcu glitch the repair fee is 75 plus shipping, anything else is significantly less. (Use report a thread to send me your contact info. )

HI Keith,
Do you have a website?
went through and started at the power supply I have 12 volts going into RV5 and nothing coming out. This would cause a problem right? RV5 is circled. I haave no idea how to change surface mount components? would this be a something that a beginner could do, or should I bring it to someone?

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