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Help.. Am really stuck !
Hi.. Have just received my Davinci printer and am having issues with the software. I am using a MAC and when I open XYZ it says that a new Firmware Version is available to download. I click on 'OK' and nothing happens. I have read also to runt the machine on version 'G' as this is the most stable. I must say that on my current version of XYZ 1.0.7 and Firmware 1.1.A the print quality is really quite poor even with all the settings set for maximum quality. Has anyone any suggestions please and also does anyone know how I can install the Firmware Version 'G' which I have downloaded. I have tried the disabling of the network etc etc etc but no joy Sad Love the printer but thought the quality would be better than it is .. my old printer was a UpMini at 200 microns but the bed was to small this printer with its bed size and resolution was my reason for purchase also the reviews were very good.
You can't use the mac software I don't think to do the off line firmware upgrade. You have to use the windows 7 version included on the CD. So ion your case, if you don't have a windows 7 computer, install VMware fusion, then install windows 7, then install the version off of the CD, then connect the printer to the mac, make sure you select "connect to PC" when prompted, fallow the normal offline upgrade steps from there.

Thanks for the reply, I have actually used my house mates Windows Laptop so have now been able to get the machine running at the latest firmware version, although the print quality is still quite poor despite the manufacturers claims. I have contacted them regarding the software as on the MAC it is very buggy and slicing even after repairing a model can take an age.. ! Everything about the Firmware Upgrade is identical to the MAC version except on windows it complete the final process so it would appear that the software has been released slightly short and not tested.

Thanks Again Wink

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