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My Bearing Holder design
I just wanted to share a bearing holder that I made for my printer. I have two Da Vinci 1.0 printers with bearing holders that are cracked and some the screw holes are stripped out. Not wanting to have the screw holes strip out of the plastic I made my holders with pockets to hold 3mm lock nuts. This way I do not need lock washers and it is easier to mount the parts not having to use a wrench on the back side of the part. Just insert the nuts in the pockets and mount the parts. These are working great on one of my printers right now.

Link to stl on Thingiverse
I just wanted to add pictures to my bearing design. I guess I was not signed in when I posted this thread so it says it was posted by Anonymous. Sorry about that.[Image: ShaftMount3.jpg][Image: ShaftMount4.jpg]

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