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best setup for making my Da Vinci wireless longterm?
Hey guys,

My Da Vinci is in the mail and I plan to set it up in my garage near my internet modem and while I send it my print files from my computer upstairs. This way I don't need to worry about noise, fumes, etc, and I can just watch the print from a webcam and come get it when it's done. But what would be the best way to do this? Should I get a Raspberry Pi and run Octoprint, or should I get a USB relay or something?

Also, would I need to bother hooking up a keyboard and mouse to the Raspberry Pi, or once it's all set up can it basically boot itself to where it needs to be to communicate with my upstairs PC?

Thanks, all advice will be appreciated Wink
yes ras-pi or beaglebone, using a print server arrangement will be easiest. And on both boards you can ssh into the board and do a remote connection and run it like you had a mouse keyboard monitor hooked up to it through your main PC.

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