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  • 5 Hotfix, anyone?
Anybody yet discovered what the Hotfix is for?
Hack killer or a real problem fix? Sick
Wonder why a hotfix and not a new version #?
The hotfix on their website looks like it removed offline firmware update and added printer profiles. Not sure what else.
Well I don't know about the PC version, but on the mac version, I am getting MUCH better slices than on the original. The slices are looking just as good as the ones I was getting with slic3r, if not better. I will try the PC version tomorrow, though I will admit, it took a lot longer to slice than with the older version, though I don't mind as the quality is with the wait.
Release note :

New features and improvements:
 Improved slicing algorithm.
 Improved controlling of object-rotating by keyboard.*
 Enable selection of support density.
 Add “My Printer” button to “Printer Monitor” menu for printer selection and default printer
 Add “New Workspace” button to right click menu for removing all objects on the bed.*
 Add reminder of nozzle-cleaning after every 25-hour of printing.
Yeah I am liking it! i think I might switch to XYZware as it is giving me really good prints!
I've noticed that when you press the monitor printer button you get the usual info screen up but this also has a my printer button on it. This brings up another screen with details such as USB port used, but also interestingly an option to scan a network for a printer. Does this mean these units will be net-workable soon?
Also the printed output is a little improved and the generated slice file seems quite a bit bigger than before.
I am liking it as well. The print quality with their custom version of slic3r has improved quite a bit.

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