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X-and Y axis flipped?
Im coming from a Rostock so the axis movements are new to me. In RH, I touch the right arrow and my nozzle goes left. When I touch the "top" arrow for Y axis, it moves forward. Is this how its supposed to be?
I think my Z is flipped also. I sent a "G28" command, which for a Rostock is supposed to move the hotend up so I can find the max height. I assume that would have made the printer bed here go all the way down, but didnt.

With my issues playing with arduino and accidently reflashin EVERY time I use it. What are the steps I should be doing to invert my axis'?
Assuming the extruder is at home position, a positive X or Y command value should move the extruder closer to the bed. So, when you press the right arrow in RH, you are asking for a positive position change, which physically moves the extruder left. When you ask for a positive Z increase, the build platform goes down - or on some printers the extruder goes UP; either has the same effect of increasing (positive) the objects build point height.

In short, visually wrong, yet technically right. Wink


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