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Windows Crash with XYZWare
when I download "XYZWare " from the mediafire link ( Chrome identifies it as "malicious" and blocks it.

When I bypassed the block and installed it, I must admit that XYZWare1.1.29.42 worked according to the description, I was able to import gcode, I could import from slicer, etc but upon the next reboot I also suffered a MASSIVE crash and was unable to reboot to Windows 7.

I'd like to chock it up to coincidence, but I would like more information before I make any hard determinations.
In the end, I had to restore to an earlier savepoint prior to the installation, although it coincided prior to some MS Windows updates as well.

Can anyone tell me what's going on? @W34 ?
Unfortunately I am not sure why you had a crash. The probable reason why chrome identifies it as possibly malicious is because xyz uses packing compression in there application when it is compiled. Since chrome can't really scan these types of executable, they get flagged.

The files only added those functions to the existing xyz application and does not remove their functions and/or protections (i.e. Filament information, phoning home software/firmware, storing cartridge information and sending them to the company, etc.) All of there stuff is intact. Just these minor features to make there application a little more robust and usable.

I just scanned the file download and it is clean on the virus scanners I ran it through. As with all online downloads please do scan downloaded files before installing and using.
I've had no problems with it.
It seems that they just released a hotfix bringing the version number to No documentation on what the fix is for or any information about it.

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