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Print Quality
I printed this file from thingiverse:
Yong Nuo Flash Modifier
It says that the walls are 2 thicknesses (for the makerbot), but when I printed it, it came out with one thicknes and the walls were so thin in places as to be unusable.

I printed it out in xyzware before moving to the custom firmware.

What should I do to make this model print better?

I don't have it with me, but I w

ill get some pictures up in a few hours when I get home if it will help.
If you are using the custom firmware, I suggest you slow down the overall speed. You can increase wall thickness in slicer. You might also look at some of the "circles not round" threads to improve the printers basic operation.

Keep us posted.

Has anyone started a repository of good slic3r/RH settings? I'm having some trouble dialing in the settings so that prints don't have layers that peel up.

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