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Firmware J?

So I'm very very new to 3d printing. I'm quite intimidated by many of the things involved with all of it. I originally intended on getting a kit, so I could build a printer of my own, learn how the parts all work together, and learn how to use the various open source software and firmwares. For certain reasons, that didn't happen, so I ended up getting an XYZ Davinci. I've printed 3 things on it so far, and I am really impressed. I couldn't tell you how it compares to other printers, but from some that I have seen, the quality seems quite good. When I first fired up the printer and software, it had me upgrade. I've only recently looked into any of this, but I read that the dreaded I firmware caused people a lot of problems. Well, the software upgraded straight to firmware J, and like I said, I've just been enjoying it as it is. Here's the deal though:

I really don't want to spend 45 bucks a kilo, when I can get filament for less than half that price. So, I've read about the XYZap, and have interest in it. It has your standard warnings about the dreaded I firmware, but at the very bottom it says that the printer seems to print fine with firmware J, just so long as the temp is set higher (on the chip.) Now, what I want to know is, do I really need to know much more than this? Can I just use firmware J, get the xyzap, and use external filament on a spool? I'm guessing the higher temp is needed for non xyz filament?
Brad, without switching the firmware over to the Repetier, you'll have to have at least an empty cartridge installed that has been reset with the resetting device. You don't really have to worry about the temperature setting on the chip as long as you look at your Gcode. The Gcode will override the temperature setting on the chip, but during the initial heatup, the machine will warmup to whatever is specified on the cartridge.

So running a spool is not a problem, as long as you have an empty cartridge that has been reset inside the machine. I actually respooled my davinci since I like the "clean" look.

As far as firmware--I backdated to G as a precaution since I've read that somehow printing suffered after resetting and upgrading to I. I'm not sure if J still has that problem.

AND: Each filament is different. From what I've read, basically try printing at the default. If you have problems, you can run a temperature tower to see where the filament likes to run. I "feel" that the Octave I'm currently using likes to run at 220 better than 210. I also felt the XYZ filament ran better a bit higher too.

When we can finally get the Voltivo filament here in the next couple months in the US I'm going to be going with that. They seem to have better batch control and even have temperature charts on the tech specs here. I'm not skilled enough to really pick a temperature that's 100% optimal.
I actually came across some interesting things. I found a replacement .exe for the software that allows it to run Gcode, and a master.ini for the printer that lets you use it through slic3r. Interestingly enough, it doesn't change the filament count after every print. Testing it out now. I printed a couple of test cubes for some calibration, and found that the extrusion size was a little off. Setting the extrusion multiplier to .8 made the test cube come out to a perfect .4mm width. I had an odd issue with the first "real" print with the new settings (The whole model seemed to shift mid-way through building by about a centimeter in one direction.) So, I'm trying the same print a second time.
Are you referring to the modified XYZware.exe made by W34 on this forum or another exe file?
Additionally, could you share more information on this .ini? Are you referring to a config file for Slic3r that is setup for the Davinci?

I'm just curious if you know something I don't (which is definitely a possibility with my limited knowledge)!
Here is the .ini information:


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