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Pause G-Code (Repetier related...sorta)
I'm at work, and I'm manually modifying some G-code to try later tonight (I edit/write G-code both manually and with Mastercam for CNC machines for a living). I have problems with small tall towers. I believe it's because the head is staying in contact with the plastic and they are melting.

The davinci syntax lists G4 (standard G-code pause) as useable. G4P1000 (1 second) or G4S1.0 (1 second).
If I "try" the code out I have to wait until I get home, and I have to wait until the head/bed heat up because I'm on stock firmware.

I'm not sure if you can send a simple program and skip the pre-heating on the custom firmware, or give the printer direct G-code commands from Repetier, BUT if anyone out there is tinkering today and can verify for me before I get home (sooner the better since I'm working ont he G-code now) can you please do the following:

Between 2 G1 movement commands, execute a: G2S5.0 or G2P5000. Please verify the machine does pause. If so, I'm going to add a Z movement between layers and a pause. If not, I'm going to have to add a LARGE Z movement with a slow feed rate and calculate out the pause time I want.

I appreciate it.

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