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xyz exe not running under windows 7
The XYZ.exe does not run under windows 7. Every time it stop runing when double click on it. Any suggestions?
Hi Tim.

I'm using Windows 7 Pro 64bit, and it is working fine.

What version of windows are you using? 32 or 64bit?

What version of XYZ do you have installed?
I am using windows 7 x64 home edition. The official XYZware was installed on the computer and runs fine. But w34's XYZware fail to run every time when I double click the file. Any idea? Should I uninstall the XYZware and re-install using the modified version?
To install the modified version, you simply replaced the xyz.exe file in the original directory, correct?

Since doing so, my work PC does pop up asking me if I'm sure I want to run a .exe file. My home PC doesn't. I suspect the problem would have something to do with User Account Control. Try right clicking on the shortcut, or file, and clicking Run as Administrator.
I re-read your post----are you trying to click the file simply after unzipping the folder?

You have to place the XYZ.exe file into the original XYZ directory.

1. Right click on the shortcut you use for the official XYZware and click properties.
2. Click OPEN FILE LOCATION near the bottom on the left.
3. Right click on the XYZ.exe file in that directory and click Rename. Rename to XYZBACKUP.exe (or anything you want).
3. Place W34's modified XYZ.exe in that directory.
4. Go back to the desktop and click the shortcut.

That help?
Tanks Billy! I will try that out tonight!
Thanks for explaining how to do that you are the best! I have been trying to figure it out for a long time.

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