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Its cold in here,,, (Heater Failure)
Just to share, i am on my second heater failure.

The first had a broken wire inside the high temperature sheathing.

This on also has a broken wire - but the bummer of it is the wire broken too close to the tube portion to effect a repair.

I've inquired with XYZ regarding spare parts and purchasing additional parts of common failure components from them.

Ill keep you all posted with what they say.

I use high temperature silicone glue around my resistor and thermistor.

It supports temps up to 600 degC, and once it dries it's like clay.

It keeps everything in place, supports wires, and if you need to remove it, it scrapes off nicely.

If you have a dremel and a 0.1/0.2mmmm drill bit (like, maybe you could drill out a little, where the wire goes into the resistor. Force in the wire with a dental pick, and use silicone to seal it up and hold it there. Not ideal, but useful if you don't have a spare.
The original heater is a 35w 6mm by 20mm. I have never found the 35w but there is a 40w which in theory should just heat up faster.
4 Days. No response yet from XYZ. Email and support form on website used. Ill give them a few more days, time differences and weekend and such...they could be running behind.

Expecting such, I did order some heaters rated 12v 40watt. I decided for grins to order a few 6X30 and of course I ordered some 6x20 (oem size.) The 6X30 can fit without interference. It seems to heat faster. Primarily, I wanted to try the larger size because they could get here faster. Smile

Anyhow, I received the larger heater today and long storry short the 6mm x 30mm 12 volt 40 watt heater works without problem.
I'm currently printing some custom pens for kids in my daughters class. The 1st one tuned out great.

Kieth, could you include the specs/model number of the heater you used?

I will try to start a thread to list all spare parts/replacement parts that we can buy for the Da Vinci printer.


I also asked XYZ about spare parts when I jacked up my x-axis stepper. First, their support person wasn't sure if they sold replacement parts. Then they told me that at the current time they only sell heater/extruders. Don't know if that helps.
Xyz isn't making me happy. My first few failed they just sent parts. Now they want me to send them back the heater they sent me that was already used. I told them it would cost more to send back then replace.

As to my inquiry on spare parts, they kindly suggested I buy an extra printer. Smh...

So, it seems like I'll be buying aftermarket parts unless I have a main board failure that I can't fix, in which case it will be a "replace the guts. "


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