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Upgrade to dual extruder
I was wondering if you could upgrade this to a dual extruder system. It looks like there is a place for a second cartridge but could the computer boards in the back handle it. Also, could you use the standard firmware or would you have to use repeater host?
I checked the board yesterday ... seem every circuit needed are all there just need to be populated ... the stepper driver board pin-out seems same as pololu's board but just wider.
Anyone resourced out what parts are needed yet? If it is the same as the Pulou driver, would it be easier to solder a connector into place that fits the pulou?
Once this is complete, what sort of Dual extruder could fit it? and what mount needs to be created?
There is a sperate branch of on this forum that explains how to populate and what is needed to make the fan work. Some minor soldering looks like it has to be done.
Its being worked on. That's all I can say right now. Give it a few weeks. Smile

I took mine completely apart and here are the pictures of the Thermistor (hopefully someone can identify it by the measurements) , the Screw that holds the thermistor as well as performs the Z probe, and the 1.75mm nozzle. The rest is pretty much typical with the hotend round piece being 20mm in diameter.
I need to replace the nozzle with something else since mine is crapped out. If someone could post the links to replacement parts it could be very helpful when the second extruder mod is ready.[Image: 14-1.jpg][Image: 14-2.jpg][Image: 14-3.jpg][Image: 14-4.jpg][Image: 14-5.jpg][Image: 15-1.jpg][Image: 15-2.jpg][Image: 16-1.jpg]
I think if you need a ready parts for changeable nozzle you should check the E3D hot end's parts.
This is my list to buy for changeable nozzle hotend with minimum mod and off the shelf parts
(1) get E3D Kraken heat-break ( 7mm OD on the top should fit Da Vinci's mounting hole) Here is datasheet
(2) get E3D Heater Block (v6) & nozzle
(3) optional Heater cartridge and Thermistor ( you should be able to reuse the current one )
but putting Kraken on Da Vinci you need to add a set screw on the center of the mounting block so you can keep it in place.

This is photo of Kraken with V5 heater Block.
Quote:I need to replace the nozzle with something else since mine is crapped out.

How is your nozzle crapped out? Blocked?
The tube took damage during my removal of a broken piece of filament inside of it. Once I had removed the filament, the extruder never fed properly again. The dismantling of the extruder shows that there is scrapes inside one side and it is damaged on the side that goes into the heater block as well, probably also damaged by my during the retrieval of the 30mm piece.
The break was caused by a broken heater wire and the extruder was being forced fed the filamen (clicking!) until I am guessing the filament finally snapped.
I received a replacement extruder so instead of throwing this one away, why not repair it. The throat seems to be the only part damaged so it would just be a matter of replacing it and screwing it into the heater block and I should have a spare. I replaced the heater with a 40w since I could not find a 35w.
If by not feeding properly, you mean you have a blockage, you could try fix it yourself.
Soak it in acetone for 5-7 days. Use 0.4mm drill bit gently a couple times a day. If it's tight, dont force it, drop to a 0.3mm drill bit. Keep it perpendicular to avoid filing the inside of the nozzle.

after the soak, you can cook it with a mini blow torch till it just glows red. (this helps burn off any remaining ABS) Let cool naturally to room temp.
Soak again for 24 hours.
Should work great after that.
Did you ever get around to upgrading your nozzle?

If so, I'm looking at replacing my factory nozzle with a new barrel, heater block and interchangeable nozzle and was wondering if you had any insight that might save me some headaches along the way?

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