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Sticking to Printer Bed - Not!
Hi all, new to the world of 3D printing and just got me self one of these Da Vinci printers, hmm, steep learning curve!

One of the problems I've had is in printing a large'ish block, 140 x 50 x 50 is that at one end, once the print was about 6 layers in, one end lifted about 1 mm off the bed. The print seemed to cope with it and leveled out after about another 5mm in hight and the rest of the print was fine. Could this be due to too little or too much of the Prit type glue on the bed? Is there an alternative to this glueing the bed?

Loads of other questions but I'll leave them for another time.

Are you running stock firmware or repetier firmware? What slicer program are you using XYZWare, slic3r, kisslice, Simplify3D, or other?

If you are running stock make sure your bed is calibrated.

I have my z offset at 250

In XYZWare the only thing you can do is print with a raft.

In slic3r and kisslicer set first layer height to 2.5mm

In Simplify3D you will need to set the Z axis to 0, so in the start up g code section add G1 Z0.

If you are using repetier firmware, I am not sure what tips to give for it hopefully someone else can help with that.
Sorted it thank you. Never belive what it says in the manual about not altering the calibration, set in the factory my foot!!

Got to the point where I was having problems printing anything so in desparation I ran the calibration option (for the first time) and it failed!!!

Now have the offset at average 220 with max 5 deviation. Printing like a dream now :cheer:
Final note on this topic.
I used all of the glue supplied with the printer and it seemed ok. I also got a tube of PritStick but got mixed results with it. I finally got a box of a dozen tubes of Uhu stick from ebay for 6 quid, what a difference!
The difference between them seems to be that the Prit glue is very soft and does not lay on the bed evenly. The glue that came with the printer is a bit firmer but still has some issuses. The Uhu stick by comparison is quite hard and leaves a nice thin film on the bed. This thin film sticks the ABS with no problems and can even be usesed a good few times before needing to be cleaned off and re-applied. Also Ive found you have to let the bed cool right down to get the prints off, just waiting for the time I crack the glass doing this now!
I'm still having a problem with large pieces curling at the corners even after doing the calibration. Small footprint items are printing great but I am having issues with large ones. I have a custom case that I am prototyping which is almost 200 x 200 (printing case and lid together). gcode file is here if it helps...

I started the print and got to about a 1mm up the support posts before the corners must have curled up so far that the print head hit them. I came back to find the base part had fallen of the bed and the print head was trailing a spaghetti of filament around. This is the only issue that makes me want to baby sit the unit.

So I have some questions (other than the general question of "any ideas of how to fix this?":
In terms of the uhu glue - should it be a thick layer or a thin layer?
Is it possible that the bed temp is not so well controlled at the extremities of the bed and so the temp is lowering and causing the corners to lift?
If I printed the objects faster by printing separately (ie just do the lid and then do the case), would that help?
I heard kapton tape can help - should I try?

I'm using stock 1.1.j firmware with xzy exe version

I've only had the unit for a week but I will eventually try the custom firmwares when I have more experience.
What I do when I need a large, thin piece to stick is to put a thin layer of glue on at about 70C and let the bed cool down to room temp. Then, on top of the glue, I paint a thin layer of 'ABS juice' and then print.

It sticks and it sticks good! :cheer:
will ABS juice damage the heat bed over time? Like produce a build up that I can't remove? I don't know much about to do some googling though...
No, not any more than the glue does. I use 2 step acetone and windex method and use a razorblade scraper to clean the glass.

The Uhu->ABS Juice combo generally requires the razor blade to remove the part from the bed so I usually clean it at the same time.

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