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Printing with TPE or other flexible materials?
Anyone had any luck printing with a flexible material? I tried NinjaFlex, but it couldn't get it to feed.
I suspect it might me too soft to be driven by the gear in the da vinci. Once we work out duel extruders you will need an external extruder(s) to make use - so if you go with an appropriate design you should have no trouble feeding it. Ive been wanting to try some flexible stuff myself...

How about wood?

Has anybody tried the wooden filament?


In short. I don't think it will ever work reliably.

I have tried many things and I got it to work briefly. Ninja Flex was way to soft I never got it to work. But I did get Soft PLA to work for a short time.

The main thing I did was design a plastic piece to bridge the gap between the Drive gears and the threaded throat that the filament goes through to the extruder hot end. I have attached a picture of the guide in place. I printed it upside down for best results. I had to use a dremel to smooth it out and make it a perfect fit between the drive gears and the threaded throat. I made it perfect.

After that the soft PLA was able to print for a short time. The problem I ran into was heat creep. The heat would slowly build higher and higher up that throat until it softened the filament so much that it jammed. The aluminum block is not enough of a heat sink. I eventually gave up. If someone else wants to give it a try then I suggest you find another way to better cool the throat. I may eventually just replace the extruders completely with a better design like the Budaschnozzle.[Image: WP_20141110_167.jpg]
I finally got that filament guide I created uploaded to the thingiverse. Here is the link.

I am going to attempt to replace the hot ends on my Da vinci 2.0. Here is a link to another forum where someone already did exactly this with his Da Vinci 1.0
I take it you will replace both hot ends on your 2.0? With the E3Dv6?
I will replace the left extruder with an E3D and keep the stock extruder for ABS/HIPS support.

I was going to use the above, and model half of the the stock Davinci extruder bed and basically merge them together.
The thing I am not happy about with the above parts is you will loose a few cms at the top. I've already used the full Z space a few times within a month of my new purchase, so I will not want to loose it if can be helped.

I wish I had another printer so I can easily print prototypes to fit quickly. Since I don't I'll have to reassemble the stock printer, print a prototype, strip it down again, fit the part, and wash and repeat. Ideally this would be one iteration only, but since I'm new to all this, realistically it won't.
Not looking forward to this process - this is probably why I've been dragging my a$$.
Maybe there's some collaboration and synergeries that can be leveraged between us.
I said I would create a new thread and I have. The new thread is about modding the printer hot end so it can print TPE and other materials. Here is the link.

Dirk I look forward to working with you. I will reply to your comments in the new thread.

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