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Cracked Y axis bearing holder
I was checking my Y axis belt tension this morning .. Just found out all 4 bearing holder on Y axis are cracked. The one on top of the y stepper motor one broken to several pieces.. Here is the photo after I remove them... I think I have to made some to replace them.. Any one has same issues?
I will post my replacement file later after I test them.
[Image: IMG_20140606_090515.jpg]
Another photo
[Image: IMG_20140606_085458.jpg]
I just checked mine, and they seem to be fine.

Could you take some measurements of those parts, and post them along with a sketch?
Maybe someone could design the 3d models, and we'd be able to print out spares.
If you upload dimensions in dxf file I will do them in solidworks.
Thanks everyone to offer help. Just install my new bearing holder back to printer.
I upload the 3D Model files at here.thing:356284 Include DXF file and OpenScad files
Here is the photo after installation.
Thanks Chenlung. Added your model to the Hardware mods repository.
Found the source for printing not so rounded circle ... too much play in Y axis pulleys
Just add some plastic films as spacer to fix all 3 Y axis pulleys .. can print good circle now.
Here is my ugly shimming solution for now ...
Thanks Chenglung,

Could you try take a closer pic of the pulleys with your mod, and maybe a pic of the spacers before you install them, and I'll add this to the hardware mods thread.
Hi All ...Here is the my current ugly spacer mod.
Im tired, so maybe I am not thinking good --- but what does the spacer do exactly? There seems to be no significant side to side tolerances, so Im not seeing what is happening here. Can you please describe it to me?

Hi Kieth, I actually try to add spacer after I saw your post on another topic. Thanks you for the great idea.
The another side of pulley is just a pin to lock the pulley in place. If the pulley don't have the spacer. The pin don't really lock down the Pulley. The pulley will still rotate a little bit create a backlash. So adding spacer to all 3 pulleys will remove the backlash. Without the modification. You can try to pull the left , right Y axis belt in different direction and you can feel the backlash....
I see how that could happen. XYZ told me the new printers coming out in another month or so will have a spring washer in that location, but I never thought it important because I have no detectable backlash. I wonder what the root cause of the differences are that some have the problem and others dont.

I had both of the back Y Rod Axis bearing holders damaged. The one where the motor sits broke while in a print.. what nasty noise!!!
I was able to hold it up in place while it printed a replacement and then file, drill and cut it until the bearing fit!
The other side I was able to put a Tie wrap on it while I print another replacement.. what a pain!
My bearing holders aren't cracked yet, but I'm sure they will be.
I was looking at the printable replacements thinking I would print a set before mine breaks.
Will they really print just as they are without extra supports?
Seems like they wouldn't even print right upside down with all the unsupported area, but it looks like everybody's doing it.
pcb_man, For the same reason as yours, I printed the holder with support material, and the result is going to require a lot of dremel work to clean it up. It's not very good coming right off the printer's bed.
I flipped the STL, and used pillar supports in Slic3r 1.1.4 using these settings:
Pattern: Pillars
Spacing: 2.5mm
Angle: 0
Interface layers: 2
Int, Pattern spacing: 1.6mm

It came out great. Cracked off the supports easily.
Just make sure you have your filament temperature properly calibrated.
I printed out 6, just in case.

Maybe we should start a thread listing all the printable spares out of the davinci?
Mine bearing holder was broken two days after I adjust the Y stepper motor belt tension. The original parts just too weak to hold the load. Do you need add spacer on your Y axis pulley to reduce backlash? Just want to know if you have same problem I have.
Great find on the pulley causing backlash! Been trying to figure out what was the cause on my printer.

So far I have not cracked any bearing mounts but the screws that hold them are starting to strip out. For that reason I have been working on designing a bearing mount with pockets for M3 nuts so the screws don't strip out the threads as easily. If I come up with something I'll post it here.
Spoke too soon, I guess. One of mine is cracked.
I'm trying Tryervol's settings right now....
Here is the alternative I came up with. Try it and let me know.

Pretty Y Spacer Mod Wink

I tried wrapping with a thread between the E Clip and the pulley. It seems to work. Interesting, I didnt think I had this problem, but two pulleys had some tolerance and the other 3 are not easily detectable.

Try it, post your results.

Kieth[Image: image.jpg]
New user here. Just got my printer yesterday and I see one of my bearing holders is already cracked. Sad I've printed a new one but was wondering how difficult is it to change?

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