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Making changes to and uploading Repetier Firmware
I know enough to upload firmware to a printer using arduino. I am having a hard time understanding if there is a version of repetier that has all the latest updates for the da vinci of if I have to just download standard repetier and make the changes myself?

I have gone to gethub to this page and downloaded the zip file. Then I go to the src folder and the ArduinoDue folder and the Repetier folder. When I try to compile that version I get TimeTick_Configure was not declared error message. I know enough to be dangerious so I most likely only need a little help. I do not want the bin version. I want to be able to make changes to repetier and hopefully tweek it to make it run as good as I can.
The reason why I think you are getting the TimeTick_Configure error is because that is part of the newer arduino library and you may have downloaded the stable version 1.0.5 instead of the beta which is 1.5.6 r2. After downloading the latest BETA then select Arduino due board type and com port. HTH
Just tried again with 1.5.6-r2 and get the same error.
I forgot to change settings to the due board. I'll give another try.
Changed Board to Arduino Due (Native USB Port) and it compiles.
Did you make sure to copy over the the file for the variant to change the pinout mapping?
Yes, I got the variant file added. Printing a part right now. Seems to be working good. It would be nice if the firmware would move the table down just a little before the print starts. For now I added some Gcode to move the head out 100mm in the y axis before the print starts. I'm going to add about 3mm of z down movement on my next program to clear the table a little better on start.
If you have not done so correct the z offset in the eeprom confic of repietier host, it will help, and add a g0 z10 in the slicer config to the gcode additions option maybee
I use Simplify3d so I do just about the same thin by changing the start gcode to add that move. For me I can see a big difference in how slice3r makes gcode and how nice Simplify3d makes the code.
Simplfy3D looks amazing. They also list the Davinci in the compatibility list. They don't say if that's with stock firmware or not, or if you have to fiddle with the files and upload them manually.
I think with stock firmware you would have to make some changes to the files like you do with other slicers. Not so sure that it would generate a file with the proper extension. I've been trying to refine settings to work with repetier firmware and I am getting much better results than when using xyz software and firmware.

One thing I have to look at is the thermistor table in repetier. Somehow it seems off to me. May have to change the thermistor table in repetier to a different thermistor.

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