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Issues with slicer when printing.
Hey guys, the only issue I am having is that the extruder is to high. I have been trying to find out and look how to adjust this to work. Currently running E, using slicer to adjust the temps, then exporting it to make it a gcode then doing the needed process of converting it to .3w. Now when i try normally it works fine, just when i use slicer to adjust everything.
Set your first layer height to 0.25mm, that is what I have mine set at to push it onto the print bed. Hope that helps.
Ok, mine was set at .35mm so I will try that.
Alright man! that is perfect it worked! Now I can fully test this trimmer line.
cool! let us know how the trimmer line works. I was planning on testing out some nylon trimmer line, but I will wait to see how it works out for you first Big Grin

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