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Slic3r with 1.1.F using XYZware, what do you think?
so this is what i figured out, if i open an STL file in slic3r(x64 1.0.1), and make any changes i want like, speed, infill, support options, ect, except temperature settings(not sure if this works). But the rest of the settings seem to be taking affect.

after I make all the changes i want, I then save it as a gcode file, in which I then upload the gcode file using this tool.

in which it creates a .3w file, then i open the .3w file using xyzware to print the file. From all the testing ive done, all the settings i make except maybe for the temperature take affect.

firmware is 1.1.F using windows 7 x64, in case anybody is wondering.

So what do you think guys?
I havent seen 1.1.F

Temperature settings seem to work when modified in slicer.

Having said that, please avoid cross-posting word for word to multiple sites. Many of us are on that other site as well.

ok my bad, since nobody had responded to my post, i just thought i would post it here as well.
Its no problem, really, just don't want to see people spend time to answer it in both places.

Are you sure it is 1.1.f? I haven't heard anyone else mention F - but that certainly doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

yes 1.1.F shows on both the LCD screen and in XYZware.
Have you tried filament reset using that F firmware?
Otherwise, if its working and you are happy I would leave well enough alone. If you dont have a copy of F you might not be able to get it back...

i have yet to do the filament reset, as i don't have a arduino just yet. Sad

yeah it works great so far, just have to learn all the options in slic3r, and what they do now.

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