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I need detailed instructions on how to go from repetier firmware back to xyz firmware. I tried to do this but it has been way too complicated and I would like to go back. My da vinci is running repeater, repetier host can connect to the da vinci, but the davinci wont print (the temperatures also do not display on the repetier host) . I just need a very simplified way to go back to version 1.0.G
Install arduino IDE1.5. bla bla
Use the latest version that is beta and specifies drivers for the due
go to the arduino folder in windows explorer in the program files directory probably and search bossac copy this file to c: to make this easier.
put your davinici firmware in c:
open command prompt
bossac -p com19 -R -e -w -v -b 3DP01_20140310_FW_V1.1.G_RELEASE.bin

run that command line after erasing the flash on the printer using the 2 jumper pins.
replace the com19 with your com port and the 3DP01_20140310_FW_V1.1.G_RELEASE.bin with the name of the firmware you want to use.
BTW, It sounds like you probably had the comport port or something else set up wrong in rep host. Also, the controller type has to be set to reprap duet firmware.

How do you erase the flash. I don't know how.
Please Help
Are there 2 pins (middle right) on the board that you need to short, use a jumper pin and turn on the machine for a second or two, turn it off. Then remove the jumper and turn the machine back on. The firmware should be blank and ready to be flashed.
alternatively connect using a serial com program such as terminal at 1200 baud, this will erase the flash also it has been said.
The easiest way to erase the flash is to use the Arduino serial monitor. Find out what COM port the printer wakes up on, set this in the Arduino IDE, then change the baud rate to 1200, then disconnect by closing the serial monitor. Voila!
This way you don't need to open up your printer.
Sorry for the late response. Lot on the plate.

Let me know if I missed anything.

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]sU5G0EX_Q08[/video]
Sorry to repost this in another section, but I didn't realize where I was posting it before. I need help, I have two black bars on the LCD screen, I have done the jp1 erase method, have installed what I thought was the correct drivers. Device manager sees the printer as bossa programming port COM8. Arduino IDE recognizes the COM and the board(native usb port), but command prompt gives me no device on COM8. Same thing with Bossa gui, it recognizes it as COM8, but can't connect. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I'm freaking out, someone please help.

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