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Why Use Repetier instead of OEM?
For us dummies can someone explain the benefits of switching to this firmware? I know the XYZ firmware is inconceivably bad.
Complete flexibility:
1) any filament, any amount, any time, with no cartridge resets or even a need for a cartridge to be in the machine.
2) Access 100% of the slicer options instead of what XYZ says is ok for you to know about.
3) True printing from SD card. Upload whatever files you want and keep them on the SD. Just select from a menu and click print. Not limited to XYZ 3 samples.
4) Live feedback and live monitoring through Repetier Host.
5) TRUE bed leveling, not the confusing tell you what to adjust pretend auto leveling of XYZ.
6) Actual useful information on the LCD
7) Ability to easily control print speed.
8 ) restart a print that ran out of filament (Just change filament and click the play button.)
9) Ability to swap filament colors mid print.
10) Because we can. Wink

Should I keep going? Smile

I think we need to start making some Noob-friendly step by step how-to guides with pics.

I'm trying to get one written up about calibrating temps/extrusion rates, but I've been a bit short on time this week.
Thanks for the quick reply. yes a noob friendly section would be great. :woohoo:
Wondering on the update with the " Noob-friendly how-to". I'm interested on installing it.
Yep, the how to guide would be great.... I got the printer today and already looking at possibilities.... Smile
Another great reason for me to use Repetier was that it works with OctoPrint, which means I have web-based access and control of the Da Vinci, with a webcam for monitoring and time lapse:
I'm sorry, but as far as I can tell, the comment "any filament" is wrong.

The only filament I can print with with Repetier that I can't print with with OEM is transparent/translucent filament. I can feed any arbitrary filament in instead of what's in the cartridge in the slot already. For the filament types:

ABS - works fine as is.
PLA - I need to use slic3r and the gcode->3w hack to set the extruder and bed temps, and need to add a fan to the printer in either case.
TPE - if it's possible to use TPA filaments at all, PLEASE tell me how!
PVA - not really useful.

Printing with Transparent/Translucent filaments requires installing a bit of electricians tape in the extruder so the filament detector always thinks it's got filament. I assume that Repetier ignores that sensor, so it's not required.

That said, I'm going to do it because I'm tried of fighting the miserable cartridge implementation.
I'm new here. Just created an account a day ago. I have found this forum to be the most helpful and knowledgeable. I ordered the XYZ Da Vinci last week and it arrived today from Amazon. I really expected to get the new 1.0A, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I received the 1.1G. I realize I can now install the Repetier Firmware without issue. My question is.

If I install the Repetier firmware will I be able to send files to the Da Vinci through my computer or do I need to place the files on the SD card and insert it into the Da Vinci?
Mike, if you haven't seen it, check out taulman PCTPE:

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