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Sample photos of parts printed with Repetier Firmware
Thought I would make a quick post to show how the new firmware is with regard to print quality.

Out of respect for Voltivo/Oliver, if using different brands of filament please DO NOT mention brands of filament other than XYZ and Excelfil.

I think these prints speak for themselves. Yellow and White are XYZ filament. I'm not particularly thrilled with the yellow - it "pops" a bit when printing, so may have had moisture contamination straight from XYZ.

What I expect to be common questions about these prints:
1) The green is glow in the dark, It glows, but the glow soon wears off. It goes from bright to dim in about 1 minute, almost non existant after 10 minutes. For comparison, we have some (expensive) glow in the dark stars on a ceiling in the bedroom, and they glow several hours after a few minutes of light.

2) The purple is the one I have mentioned having trouble getting to stick unless printed with high heat on plane glass. It does good overall, but it is definitely not pure ABS.

3) Yellow us XYZ filament is prone to "burning" even when printed with XYZ firmware/default temps. It also pops when printing, indicating possible moisture contamination. As a result, it will be the last yellow from them I buy. (Might not buy any more from them, since proprietary inst needed for any reason with the new firmware. OTOH, their blue and green are among the best I have seen so far,..)

4) The holes in the house numbers for mounting are not closed - they only look that way from the angle. I was still messing with the slicer settings, so these aren't perfect.

5) The Buggy cars were printet at .4mm height with very high speed. Yes, the wheels actually roll. Strictly disposable toys for my kids.

6) The monster case was printed at .1mm height relatively slow. As you can see, it has substantial overhang so it can snap onto a phone. Its for the Galaxy, and fit is pretty good. Unfortunately I am not convinced it would offer anything other than scratch protection. Ill stick with the otterbox.

Kieth[Image: 2014-05-2318.10.50.jpg][Image: 2014-05-2318.12.42.jpg][Image: 2014-05-2318.14.58.jpg][Image: 2014-05-2318.16.04.jpg]
Those look pretty good to me. Inspiration to tough it out and get as good results on my end running Repetier on the DaVinci.
this guy is a failed print I tested the acetone vapor on.

the tardis was pleasantly detailed


the trex used alot of support and came out ok for what it was.

Great printing! I even like the failed print. Looks like he got shot by John Connor.
My first RH print is a .5mm cube.

Came out nice for my first one
In your printers EEPROM settings you'll need to modify the settings for the X and Y home locations. Here are my settings which should work for you as well:

Thanks. I havent done it yet because Im getting some good results right now and I don't want to foul it just yet Tongue I have noticed that whien I did a quick calibration print on some circles I was smaller on the different size holes (25mm-1mm) by between .3-.7mm. Again, that was using a cheap 3rd party filament. I'll try with XYZ filament and see if its that or if the printer justs prints smaller.
OVERALL though, she prints really tight layers. not sure on the detail, but on the whole its nice.

[size=CMS2CMS_MEDIUM]Here are some new ones I did earlier. This one is with a new reel of XYZ filament that just came in (bught it cuz I wasnt sure if RH would run good)[/size]

[size=CMS2CMS_LARGE]HAD to do one. 3 more on the way Wink [/size]
Well slicer failed on these parts, using settings I thought were good, resliced in KISS, and well, there are 4 parts here from slic3r and 4 from kiss. Can you spot the crap?

Please note part of the issue is the size of these parts, they are small, not tiny, but small none the less.


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