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Change filament on the fly
Wondering if anybody figured out how to change the filament on the fly?

xyzware blocks the filament change menu during printing. Any method to hack it with custom g-code or custom firmware?
I have not yet tried, but apparently you can:

1) Pause the print
2) use RH to:
a)Lower Z
b) move extruder to a convenient location
c) use manual control to remove the filament
d) manual control to load your new filament
3) Un-pause the print - apparently it will remember where the extruder/x/y/z are supposed to be and move back into the correct position.
4) Insert such pauses into your gcode to auto pause when you want.

Alternatively, break the STL into multiple pieces representing each color you want. Print separetely in the appropriate color --- and glue.

Try it and let us know how it works. Smile

NOTE:This does require Repetier firmware be loaded on your printer. Its one of the many reasons to switch, but could void your warranty - so do so at your own risk.


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