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New Power supply
After a week of dealing with Charles_Ung which seems to be the only person dealing with support. My power supply is dead. Is there an alternative you guys would recommend? Amazon now is showing 1-2 months for delivery. SO frustrating that you cant call them or get anyone to reply. They WERE supposed to be back in stock on the 28th but that's no longer the case on Amazon.
Did Charles offer to send you another supply? What was the ending of your conversation with him? Did you stress to him you can swap the supply? If not they would probably want to change the printer. Not questioning your ability - but did you test the supply with a meter to verify there is no output? (Maybe the firmware is somehow corrupt? Even so, you would likely hear the "chime" from windows when you plug it in to the USB.)

I ask because every part I have needed and (nicely) requested they supplied without making me return the old parts. So it seems they will take care of you.

If your going to buy a supply, there should be a number on this supply and you could Google that number - most likely it is an off-the-shelf component like many other parts of the printer. As such, you probably wont have trouble finding it, but will likely have to purchase from china and wait a month for delivery.

Hi Keith,

I emailed them sunday to the support email address. Didnt hear back so I registered the printer and sent a new email on Tuesday. He was quick to reply and asked for my number/address and order number which I supplied within minutes. I never heard back. I was going to send it back to Amazon as it was going to be back in stock on the 28th. Today I was asked again for same info. I know I can turn a computer power supply into the power I need for the printer. But I dont want to mess with it as I just expected california to FL to take 3 days tops. He is going to send a new one tomorrow or Tuesday. Which I am OK with. But I would have paid for the shipping and got it here just so my kids would stop crying about the crap they wanted. (I know I know, lame but it keeps em quiet) I own a small computer company. The red light on the back of the printer does not turn on. Testing the 3v 12v they are all dead.

I am not looking to step on anyones toes. But it's now 5 days and now another 5 days till the part shows up. Printer was 4 days old when it died.
Sorry to hear about your problem. My machine failed during a firmware update when it was only four days old, it took me approximately 3-4 weeks to get my machine sent in and the replacement back to me. I just wished the information on un-bricking the printer had been posted before I sent my machine off. One thing I would recommend you do is request the tracking number on Tuesday, I was told by Charles that my machine should be "making its way to me" about a week later than he originally said it would ship out, after I sent the email asking for the tracking I was given the number that day, for my shipment which coincidentally went out that day.
Great idea! Thanks I will make sure to follow up on it Tuesday and get a tracking number.

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