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3rd party filament doesn't print correctly...
I'm hoping someone can help me solve this problem. I got my new printer(thanks Charles), and with the regular filament cartridge, prints come out great, but once I ran out of that, I did the reset with arduino, and refilled with two different brands of filament(one from Fry's Electronics, the other from ebay) to test with. Tried both resets at 210c, and at 230c as well. The new filament always prints with defects. The edges curl up and then the extruder catches them and tears the print off the bed, or causes the filament to not extrude, causing a jam. Is there a trick I'm missing to this? Calibration is set to near perfection, but prints just don't cooperate. I really don't want to have to pay $30 for 600g of filament from XYZ, but nothing else seems to print properly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try raising the bed temperature to 95 and the extruder to 230.

Otherwise, what version of firmware is in your printer? There are so many issues with 1.1.I that I would stay on 1.1.G, Also, it appears 1.1.I reads the serial and somehow corrupts prints when using cartridges that have been reset.

I was using 1.1.l, but I downgraded to 1.1.G and tried printing again. It looked like it was printing really well, but then about an inch above the bed, the filament starts curling upward as it cools, which causes extruder problems. I've been reading up on the humidity problem that people come across in humid areas, and I'm going to try the drying out techniques and see if that might do anything to help. I will update with results...
I am assuming you are talking about orverhangs and such?

I was never able to get good overhangs and from what I have been told that is really the nature of the beast with abs. I am going to try pla tonight for the first time I think, but an told I will need a fan blowing on it.
Are you using glue on the bed? If so, try without it. I have some cheap filament here that believe it or not loves bare glass but wont stick for anything to glue. Just a thought.

If you see it coming up you could pause printing and press it down for a few minutes using a razor knife or something similar.

You could also try bumping the bed temp up another 5 degrees. I haven't tried anything over 100 though - I do not know what the plastic underneath is doing or what temperature it is rated for. Anyone?

I have the same problem, I tried to a temperature of 250 degrees (in steps of 5 degrees) and the bed to 80 °. no glue is worse
the problem does not occur in the first layers but after about 1 mm thick
I'm using the arduino sketch tested with version 1.i
I'm going crazy with slic3r ...
do you think it could be a low-input material? now i print with 1.0 ratio
the second problem, in addition to the ugliness of objects and sometimes the lack of parts, is that the upper layers are not "stuck" with each other
having never had my machine at version 1.I I am a little out of my league here, BUT, from everything I have read EVERYWHERE, anyone using the 1.I firmware seems to have issues. The first thing I would do is downgrade the firmware. the software repository maintained here has almost all previous versions.
thanks josh, I had read that too, but in terms of "someone may have problems".
I downgraded to ver.G and now works much better
now I can "only" make tuning settings in slic3r
if anyone has any advice about them would gladly accept
if you want , I can post the config.ini for comparison
Thank you, and good job

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