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Da Vinci Filament Chip reset using Arduino Leonardo
Hello everyone! I am a new to 3D printer and Arduino. I tried using Leonardo to reset the Filament Chip with Oliver's sketch, but nothing happen. The EEPROM did successfully reset with UNO. Can someone help out to see any program different that I can use Leonardo to do the programming?
Hey Tim,

Step by step directions are on this domain (not sure if it was transferred to this forum or not) but you need to Google it. If you are new to both Arduino and the Da Vinci and you don't search out how to begin the process, you will become very frustrated very quickly.

Come back to the forum to ask after you've done some initial research and I'm sure we can get you to the finish line.
Hi Chris! Thank you for your kindly reply! I always did some homework before asking for help. For this issue, I have not yet find solution online. There are some user report that the counter reset sketch did not work on Leonardo and some other boards in soliforum. There is a way to program EEPROM through Leonardo, according to some other users, there is a library different and pin call out difference between UNO and Leonardo. From few test last night, I can upload sketch and see the blinking lights on the Leonardo board, but when I insert the leads from filament chip to the ports on Leonardo board, (Gound, 5V and Pin 7 ) this did not program the EEPROM. Please help if anyone knows how to modify the code to work with Leonardo.
I have not tried with a Leonardo myself, but you could try to use a different pin than pin 7.
Just replace the pin number in the source code.
It might have a special function on the MEGA. Any digital pin should do.
Also, the clock speed could be different. The UNI/O protocol is implemented by bit banging and delay() calls.
If your processor runs faster they might have the wrong timing.

On the mega board the pin 7 is pwm. I figured that was the main issue. I looked all through the code bunches and did not actually see a pin reference for 7. I think I looked into the library also but maybe not.
The Arduino Leonardo has almost identical pin layout as UNO. There are pin reference different between the two boards. The speed of the micro-controllers are both at 16MHz. After some search online, the main differences are the following:
1. Leonardo has no actual series port processor
2. The microcontroller is in different model
3. Different boot loader for Arduino IDE.
4. Pin referencing style is different
Hope someone can get the Leonardo to work with the counter resetting code.
I had a look at the pinouts. Try to connect to Digital Pin 6 instead of Digital Pin 7. PORTD 7 maps differently on the two boards.

Thanks Oliver! I will try that out as soon as I can get to the computer. Do I need to modify any of your code to work with Pin 6?
You would need to change the reference from pin 7 to pin 6 within the sketch.

Please keep us posted.

Thank you very much Oliver! Your code is working again. There is no need to modify any of the code to make it work on Leonardo. Just upload the code and use the pin 6 instead of pin 7. Now my filament cartridge is 120m of 120m.
Thanks to everyone here! You guys are top notch. I will follow this form closely to see what I can learn.
I was assuming the pin location was different, not just the actual pinout. Sorry if I misled. Sad


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