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Squeaking and or Circles aren't round? Check this! 56k warn!
(11-02-2015, 12:20 AM)nicksears Wrote: I just wanted to add my solutions to this post. I put most of the details on the thingiverse page, (thing:1105146) but I basically made a printable pulley and used 623zz bearings (3x10x4mm) because that's what I already have. You could also use 693zz (3x8x4mm) or MR63 (3x6x2.5) bearings and make your own custom pulley.

I also found a source on ebay for a smooth idler pulley (from HK). It's "16 tooth" (sized) and uses the MR63 bearings. It has a 13mm OD and is 8.6mm wide, so it should fit perfect with some washers. I'm buying those now, but the printed ones work well for now.

I know this is quite an old post, but how did those smoother idler pulleys from eBay work out for you?  I think I like that plan.

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