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Has anyone tried printing with Clear ABS?
Seems the there is a sensor that waits for the it to be loaded? I wonder if we need to write something in the Eprom that will ignore this?

Probably wont find the variable without the firmware source, which is unlikely to happen.

Temp work around is a piece of tape (black, aluminum, etc just so light cant pass) on the sensor which is located in the extruder.

^^ This tip is from someone else in another thread, but I forgot who posted it. Sorry!

Well I was hoping they thought of this already, and the firmware in the machine handles it if we were to stumble on the correct color code for transparent? Is there a list of all the colors and the eprom codes somewhere in a concise list?
The firmware is hard coded for the 12 colors they are offering. It seems unlikely there would be a built in provision.

See the eeprom threads/


I had the same issue with transparent PLA - check the other thread about printing in PLA - there were some great instructions for removing the print head and adding tape to block the sensor - worked very well for me - printing very well with transparent filament.
Does Repetier firmware look at the filament sensor? Or is there a gcode command to ignore it?
If not, sounds like a new feature.
I have some clear ABS and did not have any problems printing. The printer asked me to check the filament before each print but had no problem from that aspect. I did have an issue printing where the filament clogged up but that was likely not caused by the lack of color.

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