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filament specs
Hi everybody,
first time here. I write from Italy and we are not famous to be very good english speaker Wink , so I hope You will forget my mistakes. Just bought a Da vinci and trying to leave the very expensive cartridge away. Thanks to Your help (and the support of a friend of mines) Yesterday I was able to reset the eeprom chip from the first cartridge (the 120m one). My question is: before I really get into change temperatures and parameters, I'd be glad to find a good quality filament wich works with the default settings of the da vinci (210 and 90 if I'm not wrong) the moment I can berely open slice3r and still miss encoder to xyz software, but I'd like to go on printing in the "study time2 Smile

I saw this one: http://www.photo1400wideformatcolorinkje...-solid.php
The seller tells it works with ABS parameters...

Thanks a lot!

Actually, what you need is right here:

The best you could possibly due is to support the company making this forum possible. Smile

PS- We are used to the mistakes. Jokingly, Just tell everyone it is spell correct on your phone. :ohmy:


ok! so, according to my phone, I still have a doubt: I see that PLA extrudes at lower Temperature than original da vinci abs and the abs at a higer...i think I need to use slic3r before I can use those filaments...need to study :pinch:
If you dont have much experience with 3d printers, just stick to ABS for now.

The hotend on this printer could give some trouble to anyone who doesnt know exactly what they're doing.

(For example, without proper cooling, the PLA (which melts at a lower temperature than ABS) doesnt get sufficiently cooled, and may cause clogging.
OK great, and need to raise the melting T...
I suggest you try it as-is with ABS before making any changes to temperatures. You might find you do not need to change anything.


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