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XYZ Software Repository
Thanks for this I'll try to look through it and make some sense of it.
They have changed the name structure, and removed it from the support website a few days ago, but...

Nthing it's imposible to find Big Grin

Carefull with the 'firmware-test' I found them, but I have zero idea what they are for

dvF10SA000 version: 1.1.3

dvF110B000 Engine FIRMWARE TEST? :O no idea what this is but it's V 1.1.7
Also Password protected with 2 apk inside

dvF100A000 version=1.0.3

dvF110B000.os Version Don't know what this is, but it's 138MB (still downloading as this is written)
This is PASSWORD PROTECTED Anyone knows a good brute force? This might be something superb?

daVinciF20 Version 2.0.19

daVinciF10 Version 1.2.3

dvF200A000 Version 1.0.11

Now this is weird, according to xyz... there's something called...
fw-dvF10SA000-1.1.3.bin_!RepRap (Repetier/Marlin/Sprinter)
Appreciate it Neotko. I really wish someone more qualified on this stuff would step forward to help decode / figure out what these files are. I know I maintain my own repository for the firmware, software, and such, but I am not an expert on this stuff by no means.
I have a feeling this is a file we need to get into.
I'll send you a private msg with stuff that might, or not, help crack that.

Edit: Umm seems I can't do that on this forum. I'll think on something
I have updated my contact information in my profile.
there was some discussion about the apk and OS files before. The files were previously in the clear. Apparently It is custom firmware to run on a particular motherboard running Android. The apk is associated with that motherboard and will not run on anything else. So I have been told. if I was to make a guess it has something to do with either scanning or sla printing.

Not legal advicd, but there is the possibility that breaking the encryption of a password file violates the DMCA. Personaly i would not suggest doing so publicly...

It's also worth noting that much of the xyz platform has been based on open source software which xyz has, to the best of my knowledge, illegally refused to release source code to. We know for sure things like slic3r were used, etc.

Hi Tryervol,

I am newbie for mod XYZ printer

Might I know any update mod version XYZware for Da Vinci 1.0 as well?
such as directly import Gcode, I tried XYZWare modified on your post but cant print Sad

And how to printing on 2.0A as well ?

Thank you for help.
where can I get the w34's XYZWare the link is broken :S
Has anyone found a link to the 1.0.1 firmware that ships on some 1.0A printers?
It's around somewhere. It doesn't matter though because you can't flash stock firmwares on the 1.0A. If you've upgraded to a newer firmware, such as 1.0.3 or 1.0.6, there is no going back. If you've flashed with a custom firmware there is no going back either.
So if I decide to do it, it's a done deal? If I brick it while flashing a custom FW, can it still be flashed with a custom FW?
is this firmware for the da vinci aio printer??
I have searched the internet and forums for weeks and am unable to locate a stock version of the firmware for the 2.0A Duo printer.  Any legal version of the software will work, as the automatic upgrade will bring it up to the current version.  I loaded the 2.0 J release but it is for the old board 2.0 printer and the printer goes crazy.

If anyone has any version of the firmware for the 2.0A (late board, 2 fan) printer Please email it to me.

[email protected]
(04-15-2015, 06:53 AM)mark1989 Wrote: where can I get the w34's XYZWare the link is broken :S

I too am trying to find the .exe for the hacked version that auto loads gcode.. anyone have a copy?

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