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XYZ Software Repository
If anyone has some more things I can add to these 3 pages below I would HIGHLY appreciate it:

I've added and updated what I could so I hope what I got so far helps.
I added links to the previous 2 versions of the Mac software to the comments box; let me know if you don't get it.
Thanks again I got the links up you sent me!

I received my Duo with the firmware for the 1.0...??? Anyway, they sent me a link for the firmware updating tools for windows with a copy of the latest firmware. I have them downloaded, but they are still available here :

Thanks! I downloaded them, but... I'm not to sure what to do with them guess I'll just hold onto them for now and that link!
these are fixes for people with wrong fw (1.0 on duo for example) as the mecanism does not check what is on printer and just force the flash
I even used it by using custom FW and renamed it with same name as content and was able to flash it without using Jumper
So correct me if I'm not getting what you said, but you was able to flash your printer with custom firmware using these "fixes" by renaming the custom firmware to match the "fix"?
yes if the zip contain F20_20140626_FW_2A19_V2.0.J_RELEASE.bin, rename custom fw with same name and replace the stock fw in directory by new one
Of course this works only if it is a stock fw on printe,r as it use DaVinci process to reset
Wow that is awesome. So... I guess you wanted to go back from custom to regular you could do this as well or downgrade with this? Sorry for so many questions but this seems to have solved a lot of the hassles people have had! Smile
No from custom FW, as I said : this works only if it is a stock fw on printer, as it use DaVinci process to reset
For downgrade should also works, but did not tested it as I do not use stock FW
On the Mac at least note that the older versions listed above (1.0.9 and 1.1.0) do *not* allow you to upload custom firmware without resetting jumpers, even on a stock machine. I tried the above and while I am able to upload 1.1G or 2.0J stock firmware, any modified/custom firmware upload results in "invalid firmware" error even when renamed to match existing binaries.
do you mean you used FWUpdate.exe from Mac ?
I was able to use it from 2.0J to flash repetier FW - but I found it does not support well multiple flash without restarting printer
No, I used the links to older Mac software above (posted by Brian, post #3149) and used the Firmware files from the links provided by Chris (post #3337). I'm trying to fire up a Windows machine now to see if I can use FWUpdate.exe to load the firmware instead.

Unless there's a command-line utility for OS X I could use?

UPDATE: just fired up an old Windows laptop, got the software on there and tried updating. Only had COM1 port as an option and the laptop keep saying it was an invalid port. The laptop saw the Davinci but obviously didn't have drivers for it. I'm sure I could fight with Windows to get this set up, but doesn't really seem worthwhile - seems as though nearly all utilities and workflows are geared to Windows-based machines and the 1.0 version of this printer. I'm not really willing to hassle with Windows on top of hassling with the printer firmware. I think I'm going to bail on Repetier and OctoPrint and just build a cartridge resetter to run 3rd-party filaments.
I was playing with xyz server address to find 1.0A 2.0A and AIO firmwares, so I could get a backup just in case I try to use the repetier and I saw the firmwares for current machines ain't online...

So like I was saying, I was playing with the folder structure of to try to download and bingo, not that hard at all. Download them asap, just in case they don't want to have a backup for current 1.0A 2.0A AIO firmwares =)
Thanks! I put them online at
Great news for duo 2.0A owners! It works now!

Download it asap! I have now a duo 2.0A and it's the stock firmware it comes with (at least mine). Now we have a way back just incase of repetier Big Grin
Thanks I added it here:
Remember that firmware 1.0B it's for Duo 2.0A not old 2.0. Just in case someone try to flash that on an oldboard machine, it won't work.
Thanks I've updated the changes, and re-structured things according appreciate it!
I downloaded most of the things I could find on the server and uploaded everything on mega(I know it's a known site, I just made it convinient should anyone need all this)... most of it is software for all the operating systems, with various release numbers... and then there's the firmwares... one of the new firmwares on there is for their new 1.1 printer and I decompiled some apk's and put them in there as well (to try to find some hidden secrets...)... I just don't have the time to look through all of it... but it's there... I'm still snooping around all their servers from time to time... trying to get some info on what they collect and what type of things their API is capable of... (looking for proof of remote disable.)

Hope this helps someone:!twNHAajQ!8HEHZ5KIP6...E0ixt_MsO4

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