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XYZ ware/website
Just noticed XYZ published a new version of the software. Unlike before, you have to log in to see their downloads.

Installing now. Ill let you all know what I find.

I'm going to open up a thread with a repository of previous versions of Software and firmware.

I'm still on 1.1.A. on my printer.
I havent upgraded because I've been trying to see if I could grab a copy of it off the printer, but I haven't been able to so far.

Has anyone managed to pull the firmware off their printer yet?

I suspect you would need to install the atmel bootloader and then use sam-ba. There might also be some jtag software out there. I used Sam-ba when I had the power glitch that crashed the printer, but I had to install the atmel bootloader which wiped the chip. I never tried to read it back.

Did you get it installed? the MAC version shows as an unrecognized image...
You have to reset the chip to install the bootloader. After you reset the chip it takes a different driver to communicate.

Yes. I can install anything to the chip now, including flashing the leds. (Still working on pinouts, been extremely busy the last few...)


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