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Post your prints! *also need advice*
Hey everyone,

Ever since I stumbled upon the filament hack for this printer on hackaday I have been curious of this printer. At the moment I have a February two-up on "preorder" from kickstarter, but the more and more qu-bd goes past their ship date the more and more I come back to this printer and TBH I am at my breaking point. As of update #40 my batch of two up was supposed to be shipped out by the end of the week, but someone found out it may be the end of the month before they all get shipped out.

Plus there is the fact that amazon has the Da Vinci in stock again... So I could literally be printing in a few days.

Anyways I am curious what print quality the Da Vinci can put out. Do you guys mind posting some of your prints? I am curious how bad the ribbing is and how the top layer turns out.

Also does anyone have any advice about what I should do? Should I request a refund for my Two-up and get the davinci?
Well first off welcome to the club,

Take this with a grain of salt. I never 3d printed before the da vinici. Within 10 minutes of getting it in the door I had prints with it using the xyzware software. I was very very happy for my first print. Was it perfect? NO. but it was decent enough. Top fill is not perfect, even a little sparse. So after finding out I wouldn't be able to get Olivers fillqament here in the US, I ordered some IC3D black off of amazon, Printed in xyzware and again was amazed at this printer. Even at stock temps the new fillament using XYZware printed so much better than the xyz fillament. There are still some parts of the prints I am not happy with. The start/stop point is at the same spot so always makes a buldge. XYZware is not perfect and just will not slice all models.
So I used only the xyzware for the first week. I then took a day and figured out the trick using notepad++ using olivers trick of the base64 encoding. This is then where the Learning curve came in. If I was not the first, I was one of the first to use a seperate slicer to print to the davinici, and having never used a slicer software besides xyzware I made more than a few bad prints, but within a few prints I was at a quality that made the xyzware look all poopie.

xyzware print



I made the purchase as a quick way to begin printing while I am finishing up my own design/build. I am not disappointed. And I think the prints will only get better.
I do not have any photos of my prints usint the 230 print temps, but again that made a considerable quality improvement.

Good luck with your choice.
Just finishing up printing a chess set. Some were printed with starter filament, and some with a cart that I just got from Amazon.
The color and quality difference is pretty obvious.
The new filament is whiter, but the print is not as smooth (object on right)[Image: HPIM1206s.jpg]
Did you change the temp settings when you printed with the new filament? Possibly the non-XYZ filament needs a little higher temp to extrude smoothly?
Both filaments were XYZ brand. One was the starter, and the other a new white cartridge.
Print settings were identical for both prints.
I did not notice when I did EEPROM dumps whether the temps were different on the two or not. I doubt XYZ does batch test and reset the default temps, but they could.
I think you are seeing normal batch to batch variations in color. If nothing changed other than the cartridge I would consider asking them (xyz, then amazon) to replace the cartridge - because the print on the right is similar to how abs looks when it has moisture. is the room temperature/humidity the same? I do see some difference when the room conditions change.

Here's a Tie Fighter that I printed off the Da Vinci in Natural ABS.
[Image: 2014-04-3016.19.40-1.jpg]

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