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Printing in PLA or others
Hi, has anyone had any success in printing in PLA yet? Any other materials? If so, maybe you can share your experience here.


Yes, I tried it with YoYoink PLA filament from

Generally I would say it was a success. I tried the extruder temperature from 180C all the way to 200C and finally found 190C is the sweet point for my PLA filament.

However, without a active cooling fan at the nozzle to cool down the deposited PLA, it is almost impossible to build a overhang structure, like the "demo" built in the Da Vanci machine. I am designing a cooling fan wind chute trying to overcome this issue. With introduction of active cooling I can clearly see the improvement but not 100% satisfied with my wind chute design yet, revision in progress.

Once I have everything finalized I will share the design with you guys.
Hi Wenyang. Can you please post the code for the bed and nozzle temps that you're using? Thanks!
There is no special code, I just use Oliver's latest code to flash the EEPROM. All you need to do is to replace the extruder temp and bed temp with new numbers, in hex format. Windows calculator can help to find the numbers out (switch it to programmer mode). Eg. 200 = 0xc8, 50 = 0x32. Replace these numbers in the code and you are ready to go.

One more trick, as Oliver pointed out some time ago, the Da Vanci seems lack of appropriate heat barrier in the extruder assembly. The result is that when the extruder got heated up (continuous working for around 30 minutes) the PLA filament around the feeding motor may get creeping and the feeding motor can not grip the filament properly anymore. You will see the extruder stops working and the feeding step motor start to click at this moment. A quick remedy is to "PRINT WITH THE TOP COVER OPEN". There is a small sensor switch at the back right corner of the top cover door, you need to find something to block otherwise the printer will warn you...
Maybe open front door or add another fan? Everyone I chat with on IRC recommends fans for pla anyway.

Getting an "Out of Filament" error in girmware G - just loaded Red Translucent PLA - set temps to 190 / 50 and 120m on the reset.

Anyone else with this issue?
I installed a fan with wind tunnel around the extruder. Seems helping cooling the PLA deposition quickly.

Just finished a long job (~20 hours) with PLA, complete successfully, no break down or extruder motor clicking.
That's awesome! Can you post a picture of your setup?
Hi Wenyang,

Do you have a file for the fan setup?

Also, what temp did you set for the bed?

What Firmware?

I can print with bulk ABS, but when I set the extruder/bed temps to 200/50 I get a cartridge error.

Has anyone tried to print in a translucent PLA or ABS yet?

Do you think there could be an optical sensor for the filament?

The reason I ask, is that the translucent red and natural PLA that I have tried (the only colours I have) are not loading, and I notice the red trips the motor to feed in the filament on loading, but the natural won't trip it at all.
Yes there is an optic sensor right above the drive cogs. It may be necessary to put an override switch on that optic. I had a fear it would not run with clearish filaments.
Ok, so I'm not going crazy- I thought it might be that. Maybe I can run it in the dark...

You think a physical switch is the answer?

Any ideas would be great.

Yes there is an optic sensor that the filament passes through, printing in the dark wont fool it.

The only purpose for this sensor as far as I can tell is to notify the user when to load/remove filament on the display, which in my opinion is pretty useless.
It appears all the sensors in the Da Vinci are identical (X/Y/Z endstop, top lid), to bypass this sensor is to simply block its "view."

Regarding translucent PLA, remove the print head and remove the PCB, pull out the filament guide that sits in the sensor and block the sensor with some sort of tape, I used aluminum tape as it needs to be relatively thin and effective at blocking light.

After you've covered the sensor simply slide the guide back and and reinstall the print head.
The only difference under normal use is that when unloading filament through the utility menu the extruder motor will keep turning, you'd just have to press the OK button to stop it[Image: 2014-05-0617.33.37.jpg][Image: 2014-05-0618.19.21.jpg]
Thanks for this! Have you tried it with translucent filament yet? Were you able to replicate my error before?
Not a problem, yes I've gotten the same error when trying to insert translucent orange PLA and have done a few smaller prints after blocking out the sensor.

As others had mentioned, this printer's hot end lacks a heat barrier and tends to jam with PLA after extended print. I'm working on a few hardware mods at the moment as well as adding a fan duct in attempt to get more reliable extended prints.
Was it fairly simple to get the print head off? Any pointers? I don't want to mess it up....

Clip all the extra zip ties, unload the filament.
There is a spring loaded release handle at the top of the assembly, that comes up. tilt head back and pull out.

Easy peasy lemon squeezie
Hi All,

Thanks for all the help - just finished a print in PLA and translucent red thanks to Chilicoke and Josh J.

Did a 2 hour print with the lid up and door open and it ran perfectly at 200/50.

I'm printing with PLA now with the standard xyzware settings but my printer head starts ticking when printing and not much comes out of it
how can I solve this?
You can't, the extruder heats up to much and the pla becomes molten before it can extrude causing the extruder to loose friction which is the clicking noise you here. That's why I said stick with ABS right now.

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