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Anybody has a backup of Firmware 1.1.E
Does anybody has a backup of the printer firmware 1.1.E ?
That version allows me to put "; total_filament = 0" so that the filament counter wont go down.
I don't know how to make a filament counter reset and I don't want to spend money to get a reset-er online
My printer has the 1.1 E running but I'm not sure if I can export it. If it can be done let me know how and I will send it to you.

Did anyone manage to get a copy of version E?

Please let me know so I can add it to the soft/firmware repository list

Access the SD card. The FW_(whatever).DAT is (read: should be) a copy of the firmware on your printer that was installed by the factory or updated with XYZ. The .dat only needs to be renamed to.bin to be uploaded with XYZ.

I made a copy of my SD card when I received the printer, before even turning it on.
The only .dat file is "Machine-life.dat" file, but it's only 1kb

and contents are:


But, on the other hand, I did find the calibration piece they use at the DaVinci factory.
Is there a bin file? What other files?

Maybe the dat file I refer to is only saved when you upgrade.? If so, someone with a very early printer will need to help with this method...

Here is the full content from the original SD card, unbooted.

(the offline_print.gcode file wasn't there, but I ran a recovery software, and undeleted that file, which means they sent that calibration piece to the printer at factory, and it got deleted)

I had my printer on FW version A untill this morning. Upgraded it to G, because I thought there was no way to grab the firmware off the printer.
Looks like I am wrong and the fw(whatever).dat file is written by xyzware. So unless you update with xyz you wont have it. Maybe there is a way to change the bootloader without erasing the chip. If so it might be able to be read. I dont know if they locked the chip to prevent reads...


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