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Ultimate Da Vinci hardware hack...Rip and Replace?
So what's the feasibility of removing the main board and replacing it with one of the following?


RAMBo 1.2

Any other good board candidates for a R&R?
I should have all the cable connectors here middle of next week to do that with ramps boards and will offer up kits. So it will be remove old board, plug in ramps to all the included labeled cables, plug in printer to the labeled cables. I am still working on the factory lcd integration. Best part is no cut wires, full factory warranty and full pronterface or other print server use. Factory mounting location. We will then start working on an improved bed leveling using the grounded tabs, auto filament loading and filament out options, as well as fan mounting options for pla use. It was going to be a surprise but someone had to bring it up.
That sounds awesome. Ive thought of going that route, but I figured it would cost more than the firmware/pinout stuff I am working on now.

Keep us posted.

Good morning Kieth,

Yes it will be cheaper to do the firmware by far, but with that said the total cost of a ramps and all cables and plate and driver boards will be well under 100. Prolly under 75.

Pre flashed and calibration and everything set-up so it will be truley plug and play. Lets face it. These printer appealed to non hackers and noobs to begin with, so I want it to be noob friendly. I will offer just the wiring kit also for those like me that have 3 ramps sitting around and multiple drivers that seem to mate and multiply in the corners. The sad part is I am very bust on a 11x6 foor router for a customer and my own cnc bench mill conversion this weekend so I won't have progress to show till monday or tuesday.
his thing basically could easily run any of the opensource stuff with its current hardware. Take a look at what I figured out after a bricked mine this morning.
Just saying, not trying to be dickish, but that is all common information already shared here on the forums for the finding. But good job. I know one member is already working on it, I am sure there are more.

On other news fronts, I missed a broken da vinici on ebay last weekend for 300. I was going to gut it and swap. I do not have the time to do a gut replacement right now on mine, but I do have the ramps sitting here waiting for it. Just with the customer machine builds and always having mine printing something it seems. I can't afford the down time as it is.

are you still considering doing a hardware replacement kit? if so i would be definitely interested in a full hardware replacement kit.

Well to be quite honest, I don't really see a reason. I will explain my logic below. However if you are still interested after I try and talk you out of a sale, let me know and we can work something out.

1. Any set-up I would sell would be based on a typical ramps 1.4 board with the mega 2560 board.
2. The current board in the da vinci is much faster with more memory.
3. Even though the current hacked firmware is in alpha it is very use-able
4. Getting the current LCD to work with a ramps board may be out of my depth of experience and skill. Not saying it can't happen, as has been shown with the current board and firmware, but it would take some time and energies to do. That being said if you just run from PC it is not needed anyway.
5. I am sure there are other reasons for and against.
6. like easier second extruder and or print fan.
Those things said, the counter points are that I have a ramps-fd, 2x ramps 1.4 and like 16 step sticks sitting here waiting for projects. So let me know and we can go from there.
Thanks for all the information. Since its my 1st 3d printer. I will mess with the stock firmwares & software at 1st and then try out the custom firmwares & other software. I can't wait to get my print, so the fun can begin.

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