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Eprom dumps - The How to/What to

This is done by butchering the code from Olivers hack.

0) Download the attached read_eeprom.txt and rename it to read-eeprom.ino
1) Upload the attached sketch to Arduino Uno
2) do NOT disconnect the Arduino from the computer
3) On the Arduino IDE (program you used to upload the sketch) click tools, then select serial monitor
4) Connect to the eeprom as per Olviers instruction.
5) With proper operation the eprom should be dumped to your screen. You can copy (ctrl-c) as needed.
6) disconnect the Arduino to stop the screen from scrolling.
7) Reconnect Arduino and repeat 4-6 above to make sure there were no error reading the file.

Hope this makes sense.

Write Full Eeprom

In this case, it is blue.

Why would you want to do this? If later firmwares (as reported) encrypt the cartridge data this will restore the data to the state as found when the cartridge is new. Because there are so many cartridges they cant stop reading the original data --- unless they want to make a lot of new cartridges "dead" and make a lot of people mad. Maybe years down the road, but for now....

Download and rename the file from .txt to .ino.

Operate as per Olivers hack,

'Voila, full blue.

Follow the Char x ={0x00,0x00,0x11 blah blah........blah....0x0F} as an example of how to modify the sketch to be the color cartridge you want.


Could you include a paragraph specifically on how to change the serial number in the eeprom file before uploading, for the noobs amongst us. (i.e.: me included)


Im very busy the next few days, but I will add a randomization to it for the serial number if no one else beats me to it.

Here is my recent test.
Address: 0x08- 0x0B, this 4 byte change the capacity length displayed by printer (the same numbers shown in few other places 0x0C-, 0x48-, 0x4C, 0x74(change no effective),
Address: 0x10 - 2 bytes: Extruder temperature- it does trick it to new temperuture setting (at least the start)
Address: 0x12 - 2 bytes: Bed temperature, start bed temperture - other location not fully understood
Address: 0x03 - is it the color code?
Serial #: 0x18 or 0x58 - 4 bytes.

Test with JastABS, nature white bought from Amazon, changed the extruder 215 C, and bed temperature to 95, the first print is excellent (XYZ key ring), but after sotware update, all my print became craps - though print job only start after extruder and bed temperature reachs what I specified. The extruded line is obbiously thinner than XYZ's filament - result no merge between layer. I wondering if some other element control the extrude speed or amount set by the EEPROM.
Ben, what you are describing is actually well known and documented. It's easy to fix- you need to downgrade firmware and possibly xyzware to fix your problem. The info on the downgrade is in the forum.

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